Friday, July 6, 2012

Newly-designed Website and a New GE Product That We Now Offer

Have you noticed the changes in our website? The new design is so lovely, eh? The colors and fonts used really blend well, and the contents are all organized. Though we are still doing some minor tweaks here and there, you can still place an order online, and our Live Chat feature is still in handy for your questions and concerns. As an appreciation of your loyalty, we are doing our very best to continue providing you the best products and deals.

Just like our website, a LED light bulb from GE captured my attention. Its design and  color  are unique, not to mention the great benefits that we can get from it. GE Energy Smart 25W Replacement (4.5W) PAR16 LED Bulb (in Bright Warm White, Energy Star qualified) lamp is ideal for accent lighting. It is very energy efficient and long lasting (25,000 hours rated life) so you don’t have to worry about replacing light bulbs from time to time unlike the incandescent and halogen light sources. It uses only 4 Watts of power, and amazingly costs less than $2.02/year of operation. You can save an estimated amount of $56.38 over lifetime of the bulb compared to an incandescent one, basing on $0.11 per kWh over 25,000 hours. No questions asked, LED bulbs are really far better than the regular ones.

For more info about the said product, visit our newly-designed website, and don't forget to check out our  other great products and deals too *wink

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