Friday, August 24, 2012

Solar-Powered LED Lighting

Light centers will be installed across rural Africa by 2015. Royal Philips Electronics has launched this new initiative that will create areas of light to the rural communities which have lived without electricity. The first 40 light centers will be installed late this year, focusing on schools that are closely linked to villages and towns in off-grid or semi-grid areas. Philips will also provide communal areas that can be used for activities such as sport, healthcare, commerce, and social. Thus, extending the days of the people by enabling communal life after dark, creating safe areas, and supporting sanitation. 

This initiative is not something new. Philips has completed installing light centers in a number of Africa countries – Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Ghana, and South Africa. The company also enabled the World’s first soccer game to be played under solar-powered LED floodlighting in Nairobi, Kenya.
According to the President of Philips Lighting, the local reactions have been extremely positive. “Philips’ aim is to create awareness for what is now possible. We are introducing the first generation of solar powered LED lighting solutions which can provide high quality, sustainable and reliable lighting for off-grid communities in Africa; indeed the world. It is now a question of how much the world is willing to invest”.

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