Friday, September 28, 2012

GE LED Lighting Investment in Cleveland

West Side Market and Public Square in Cleveland, Ohio will be provided more than $200,00 (in energy- and maintenance-cost saving) LED lighting systems by GE. This would be a part of a day-long celebration of GE Works recognizing its employees, innovation heritage and Cleveland roots. 

GE’s commitment to Northeast Ohio, and its desire to showcase the iconic and beloved gathering spots in Cleveland (West Side Market and Public Square) has been reflected in the said investment. The president and CEO of GE Lighting, Maryrose Sylvester said that they take pride in the 130 years of innovation of GE Lighting because the industry was first conceived in the research labs right in their very own Nela Park. GE’s LED Lighting systems can be used in a wide range of applications such as grocery cases, signage, traffic signals, parking lots and roadways, spot and flood lighting, and also office and residential lighting

West Side Market will be having its centennial celebration. GE will be providing  $80,000 in energy-efficient, ecomagination lighting products in support to it.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

T8 Tube LED

Hi everyone. I can’t help but rave about the newest products that we offer. We’ve added a lot of T8 Tube LEDs in our products list. When I say a lot, it’s really a lot! *wink

LED Tube lamps is the new generation in sustainable commercial, office and home lighting with  these advantages over fluorescent lamps:

    Long life (at least 25,000 hours),
    No mercury content (allowing for non-hazardous disposal),
    Instant on with no flicker and no buzzing,
    No UV ray emission (does not distort the color of the lighted objects),
    Powered directly by mains voltage with no external ballast required for power on (for additional cost savings and energy savings without additional energy consumed by external ballast),
    Wider operating temperature,
    Significant energy savings (with higher energy-efficiency of LEDs and no external ballast required).

With the above advantages over linear fluorescent lamps, there are many applications for T8 Tube LED lamps with example applications listed below:

    Colder environments
        Walk-in coolers
        Outdoor signs/ billboard lighting
        Bus shelters
        Loading docks
        Parking garages/ parking lots
        Manufacturing facilities
        Food processing
        Dusty applications
            Rated for food processing
            Dust on top of lamp does not effect light output
    Re-lamping of existing linear fluorescent lamps to comply with DOE (Department of Energy) energy efficiency standards
    Areas needing long operation (24/7), such as hallways, stairwells and parking garages

We’ve added a specific tab for our T8 Tube LEDs so it would be really easy for you guys to navigate our wide selection of 2 feet, 4 feet, and 5 feet T8 Tube LEDs. 

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Friday, September 14, 2012

LED Streetlights in Nova Scotia and a Great Deal from Your Favorite LED Bulbs Shop

A law has been passed in Nova Scotia, Canada mandating that all street lights (estimatedly 120,000) should use LED. The project is expected to complete on 2023. Millions of dollars will be saved since only around half the energy of the current lighting will be used. $5 million a year can be saved once the province fully converts to LED lighting. Not to mention the additional savings that they can get from maintenance cost. The advantages of using LED light bulbs really amaze me. Try it and find out for yourself. *wink

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

LED Desk Lamps

Bulbrite 40W Replacement (6W) Slyng LED Desk Lamp with Touch Dimmer (Warm, Dim, Blue)

LED Desk Lamps are just some of the new products that we offer. They come in different styles that would surely fit your preference. The contemporary designs of the LED Desk lamps give an upgrade from the traditional desk lamps illumination to a whole new level of sophistication. You can choose from Stryde, Skye¸Slyng, Symple, miniStryde, Swytch, and Swyvel . Along with those catching names come stylish designs that would surely be a statement in any office, work space or modern living room. Who can’t resist the advantages that they have over the incandescents and fluorescents? They are environmentally-friendly, and have long hours of rated life. They offer safe, bright white light, and have no UV radiation. They also operate cooler than incandescent and fluorescent desk lamps.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Bulbrite LED Light Bulbs

Have you guys visited our website lately? I’m pretty sure that you’ve noticed some of our new products. *wink

We now offer some Bulbrite LED light bulbs – elevator LED bulb and Candle B11 LED bulb. The Bulbrite 2.6W (20W Replacement) Light Emitting Diode (LED) 1383 Elevator lamp is ideal for elevator lights. Bulbrite's 1383 Elevator LED light bulb is ideal for elevator lights with fewer lamp replacements required due to LED light bulb's long life (30 times longer than incandescent) compared to standard incandescent and more energy efficient (uses 87% less electricity than incandescents) Bulbrite is one of the very few vendors that offer 20W 1383 Elevator LED light bulbs.  It only uses 2.6 Watts of power, and this LED would cost less than $1.28 per year to operate, assuming 4500 burn hours annually at $0.11 per kWh. It has 30,000 hours of rated life. Bulbrite 5W (40W Replacement) Light Emitting Diode (LED) Candle B11 lamp with blunt tip is ideal for decorative chandelier lights and ceiling lights. Bulbrite's Candle B11 LED light bulb is ideal for high ceiling chandelier lights with fewer lamp replacements required due to LED light bulb's long life (25 times longer than incandescent) compared to standard incandescent and halogen light sources. Bulbrite is one of the very few vendors that offer 40W replacement with high light output LED Candle B11 light bulbs. It includes a super high power chip providing brightest LED light and 250° of illumination. Its optimized driver offers smooth dimming and is compatible with a wider variety of dimmers. It only uses 5 Watts of power, and this LED would cost less than $2.48 per year to operate, assuming 4500 burn hours annually at $0.11 per kWh. It has 25,000 hours rated life (L70). You can take advantage of our free shipping promo  for orders $50 or more! Great deal, eh?

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