Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tacoma Zoolights, 25 Years and still Glowing

Lighting up trees and surroundings has always been a tradition in many towns and cities. In Tacoma, the Zoolights of point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium have already been included in their tradition. The place glows and shines with about 500,000 lights all around.
Adding the final touches to the tree.

It’s a yearly event that attracts millions of people around the country and even tourists from different countries. The Zoolights started in 1987 and began to use LED lights in 2003 to save more. To the many people of Tacoma, the Zoolights is not only an attraction but something more meaningful. It is where couples have met, dated and created their future. Some have even been visiting the event since they were little up to now that they have a family of their own.
The Zoolights has quite a wonderful history eventually coming up with more and more ideas as the event got older. One of the highlights is the orange and purple octopus who stands 100 feet high. It’s been brought back in from the year 1988.
For many living in the region, the Zoolights have already become a part of their lives and would not feel Christmas without it.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Big Lights will Inspire You, Let's Hear it for New York

Bet that title made you sing eh? It's true in a way that bright LED lights are now inspiring New Yorkers to change into greener options. Central Park has installed 1,600 LED luminaires throughout its walkways. This is a joint project between the New York Department of Transportation and the U.S. Department of Energy in order to test and demonstrate the effectivity of LED lights in terms of energy consumption and costs.

It is expected that the lights will cut down its consumption of energy up to 62% which is calculated to be $30,000 of savings every year which is really a whole lot. The lights are positioned in such a way that it will cast light in both directions, upward and downward providing safety and lighted walkways for people even at night.

The next time, you drop by Central Park, take a look at the lights and appreciate it for it;s not just ordinary lights, it's LED lights.
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The Light at the Beginning till the End of the Tunnel

They say that the light at the end of the tunnel signals a new hope but in Japan, Nabana No Sato’s Botanical Garden signals not only hope but a whole lot of brightness. This tunnel is lighted by seven million LED lights.
This tunnel is just a part of the other lighted features of the garden. Visitors are stunned by the millions of lights and have reportedly described it as if being in another world. The garden also features a mini replica of Mount Fuji surrounded by lights.
Beautiful Tunnel of Light

If you could visit Japan at this time of the year, do visit this marvellous tunnel of lights. You will be lucky if you happen to chance upon it when there are little or no visitors around. The calming silence combined with the glow of the millions of LED lights will really make you feel as if you are in another world.
The display will be open to the public until March 2013, plenty of time for visitors to appreciate this technological beauty.
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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lady Liberty Shines her Beacon Again

The Statue of Liberty, a powerful figure, a reminder of the friendship between France and USA and the symbol of freedom. It has always greeted visitors upon entering the city of New York. She stands on her own island, Liberty, watching over New York. Yet, the island has been badly damaged by the super storm Sandy and has been closed to visitors since October 29.

Liberty's lighted crown and torch

But Lady Liberty is strong and has once again shone her light on the city of New York just a week after the storm. LED lights were used to light her crown and torch. 30 million dollars were spent to fix the damages on the island and on Liberty herself.

Although the lights are temporary, it’s a stepping stone to fixing the damages left by Sandy the hurricane. Lady Liberty is not only the symbol of freedom but also a symbol of hope for those recovering from the damages inflicted by Sandy on New Yorkers. 

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Walking in the Lighted Wonderland

Japan, the land of cherry blossoms and all things “kawaii” or cute, has once again come up with something for their locals and tourists alike. The Nabana no Sato botanical garden located in Nagashima has lit up like a fairy wonderland filled with fireflies.

The garden even has a mini replica of the famous Mt. Fuji also covered in LED lights. Every year, Nabana no Sato covers the garden with lights in preparation for the upcoming holidays. The event starts on November and lasts up to March so visitors can still get a glimpse even if the holidays are over.
For this year’s holidays, the theme is nature, truly fitting for the use of LED lights that not only saves energy and money but is also good for the environment.

Every inch of the garden is covered with LED lights and any visitor will feel as if they have stepped into the world of lights and enchantment.

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Lights on for Obama!

Currently, everybody is celebrating the historic win of Barrack Obama for the second time around. Even one of the most iconic landmarks in the US, the Empire State Building, is celebrating the results of the much awaited election.

The building displayed the tally of the votes previously marking Obama’s with blue LED lights and red for Romney. Think of it as if you’re playing streetfighter in the arcade except that the life is going up rather than down.

The Empire State Building showing the tally of votes

The tower is very well known for lighting up in celebration of different events such as Christmas and Halloween. This time it lit up for Obama and its supporters. And if you are far from New York, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to see a live broadcast by CNN. Truly a historic and unforgettable day for everyone, the Empire State Building will not just be remembered as being climbed up by King Kong or destroyed by Godzilla. Today it lit up for a well-known icon and the leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

A Light of Hope

What would the world look like if everything was dark? No one will ever know since no one will be able to see anything at all. Not all places in the world are blessed with light. In some rural parts of India, there are those who suffer from electricity deprivation.

To finally put an end to darkness, India’s government has planned on providing LED lights to those who crave for light. The government’s goal is to light up all rural areas that are electricity deprived by 2017.

They have decided that LED Lights are definitely better than CFL’s being 80% more energy efficient than ordinary CFL.

The government’s aim is not only to provide light for these people but to also provide solar powered electricity that can power other electrical devices. It is still undecided whether they will provide it individually or as a whole for the entire village.

The program is quite ambitious but let us hope that they will be able to push through with this project in hopes of providing better life for the deprived.

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"You Look Absolutely Glowing in your Gown, Dear" Yes, Literally

Nicole Scherzinger, no doubt about it, looks hot. Yes, she again managed to look hot and glowing at the EE (the first 4G network of Britain) Launch last night. And by glowing, we meant LED Lights filled gown. No, we are not talking about some kind of robot here. We are talking about a real dress dubbed the “Twitter Gown” another first for the UK. Strut, strut, strut and pose for the camera and bam! There goes the lights on her gown. Bet nobody expected that.

Extra Stunning Nicole

The gown displays real live tweets from EE’s Twitter and shows itself on Nicole’s gown. The dress is filled with 2000 LED Lights which are the ones that display the tweets of fans. Technology just got a whole lot sexier and if everyday technology is presented like this every day, surely they’ll be sold out. Let’s just hope that no one tweets harsh words. But even if they do, Nicole would surely just bat her eyelashes, walk the walk and flip her dark locks over paparazzi. 

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fireflies: An Inspiration for Budget Friendly LED Lights

What if ten million fireflies did light up your world? Impossible as it may seem but South Korean scientists are coming up with something similar. We have all heard of scientists and inventors studying the behaviour or anatomy of different plants and animals and actually coming up with something. Those things actually become something that we use in everyday life. If you really want to know, the birds for example, are the inspiration of the Wright Brothers’ airplane invention.

Firefly's Light Structure on the left.

Fireflies are one of the most beautiful insects that light up those dark, lonely nights and they are now helping us live a better world with friendly glows of LED lights. South Korean scientists got up close and personal with these glowing insects to study the structure of their lighting. To us it may seem that fireflies have glowing butts but to those scientists, they were able to study and invent a budget-friendly LED light by mimicking the firefly’s light structure.

Talk about taking science to the next level. Not only did they manage to come up with a pocket-friendly LED Light but they are studying on how to further increase the glow of the lights. So, the next time you see fireflies in your backyard, thank them, because they have proved to be a useful tool in creating LED Lights.
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