Wednesday, September 25, 2013

GE Evolve™ LED Decasphere Area Light – The Ideal Solution for Outdoor Lighting

The LED manufacturer giant, GE has added one more product to its energy efficient LED line up – the GE Evolve™ LED Decasphere area light, which uses the unique reflective optic design. The use of reflective optic design enables the light to be aimed, where it is wanted or can be used as per the discretion of the user.  The GE Evolve™ LED Decasphere area light also delivers horizontal and vertical light uniformity. Moreover, the reduced glare and enhanced lighting control, makes it perfect to illuminate the walkways, parking areas and roadways. The unique design consists of nested concentric directional reflectors to maximize the output of light, thereby increasing the light efficiency and minimizing the glare.

Within this short period, the Decasphere area light has evolved as the number one choice of many users and has found a place in the University campuses, municipalities, small towns, and cities. The beautiful flat housing design, round shape and die-cast aluminum housing base gives it a different look from the traditional models and provides an aesthetic look to the product. The company claims a 50,000-hour life span, i.e... It works for 11 years when utilized for 12 hours per day. It can also be used for general lighting purposes as it gives reduced offsite visibility and excellent illuminance in the lighted area.

GE Evolve™ LED Decasphere Area Light 

The long life and low maintenance cost are the other advantages of using LED Decasphere area light for illumination purposes. The System rating is L85 and is compliant with the material restriction requirements of RoHS. It has a 6-inch mounting arm or 2-3/8” External Slipfitter, which is available in a variety of standard colors, including black, grey, and dark bronze.  The corrosion resistant polyester powder painted finish when coupled with custom colors, gives a good and different look to the product. It is integrated with an internal surge protection system that guarantees long life and protection of the Decasphere area light. The only drawback is that it does not support the dimming feature. It also comes with photoelectric sensors.

The product is so reliable that the company itself offers a trouble free working for 5 years and L85 lumen for 50,000 hours. The lightweight design and the powder coating finish, makes it suitable for outdoor uses, and ensures that it can function properly, producing white light even in the wet weather. It has high brightness LEDs with a 65 color-rendering index at 4, 100K typical color temperature.

You can know more about the GE Evolve™ LED Decasphere Area Light, the latest award-winning product and can get one at an affordable cost by visiting 

Monday, September 23, 2013

The GE Infusion LED- the future friendly LED Luminaries

A great lighting is a prime requirement of every retail and hospitality establishments, as it can greatly influence the customer experience.  Spotlights have significant importance in such environments and here the GE, the world leader in LED lighting technology, has revealed GE Infusion LED Module, an outstanding product that can meet all the requirements of these commercial establishments.  It is a game changing platform and is designed to address all the setbacks of conventional spotlights.

The unmatched features of GE Infusion LED include:

Future proof design:
GE Infusion LED offers the user energy efficiency, controllability and unmatched long life. In addition to these wonderful features, it can address obsolescence- one of the main setbacks of earlier LED luminaries. In the earlier designs, there was no chance for an upgrade other than just replacing the entire lighting fixture. GE Infusion LED module’s design enables the user to upgrade their luminaries to the new generations of LEDs as they evolve in the market, without replacing the entire light fixture. It is designed as a three-piece module that can be assembled with a simple twist and lock action, making it easy to be fixed, removed or upgraded without much effort and hardware. This will enable the user to be up-to-date with the lighting technology without wasting much money on renovation.

GE Infusion LED

Extensive Lumen packages:
For the Infusion LED module, GE offers a wide range of packages with lumen ranging from 850 to 4700 to meet the requirements of a wide variety of customers. With suitable optics, it can be used as narrow punch beam angles or as powerful recessed down lighting.

Unmatched light quality:
The high quality LED chips in the Infusion LED is capable of producing light of incredible intensity and color quality. It is available in three different color temperature options, 2700K, 3000K and 4000K and its color rendering index ranges to Ra > 90. In addition, it offers a very stable color-rendering index across all color ratings. The stackable design of GE Infusion LED always ensures easy integration with heat sinks, which improves thermal performance and an enhanced color consistence even after continuous use for a prolonged period.

Wide variety of options:
It is available in four modules such as M1000, M1500, M2000 and M3000 with wattage ranging 15W, 23W, 30W, 46W consecutively. It produces no IR or UV radiation and can give an extended long life up to 50,000 Hours. It is dimmable and can be operated with a constant current DC source and a wide range of compatible drivers is available on the market.

Wide applications:
The GE Infusion modules can be used at variety of places for a variety of applications. Its versatile design ensures easy adoption in new luminaries for recessed down lighting and track lighting. The uses of these wonderful devices are many, and with suitable optics, it can be used for fashion retail display lighting, museum and gallery lighting, accent lighting in supermarkets or bar and restaurant lighting.  And it is sure that this device will maximize the visual appeal of any commercial environments to a great extent. To know more details about this product and make a purchase, visit 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Philips DecoLED Energy Saving Bent Tip Decorative Candle to Beautify Your Home

People are searching for a number of means to decorate their home in a cost effective way and the LED bulbs are the most preferred one. Philips, one of the greatest manufacturers of LEDs has introduced a wide range of DecoLED bulbs that can be used as a smart alternative to standard incandescent bulbs. These bulbs are very cost effective and help you to save more than 80% in the energy bills. The exceptional long life and elegant design are sure to win the hearts of people who are looking for an affordable way of beautiful lighting.

The DecoLED Energy saving bent tip decorative candle 3.5W, B11, Candelabra Base, Dimmable is the part of Decoration series, marketed by Philips. This wonderful bulb can be used to replace a 25W incandescent light bulb and is expected to lasts at least for 22 years. The company offers an operational life of minimum 25,000 hours, which is 25 times longer than any incandescent and 2.5 times longer than fluorescent lamp. The unique design has already been widely accepted and can be perfectly fitted into any existing fixtures. It gives perfect light for reading rooms. The inimitable shape of the bulb makes it an ideal choice for chandeliers, pendant lighting, wall scones, and other decorative light fixtures. By choosing this wonderful product, you are reducing the carbon foot print that you may contribute by using incandescent bulbs.  These bulbs do not contain any mercury or metals that are harmful to the nature.
The DecoLED Energy saving bent tip decorative candle 3.5W, B11, Candelabra Base, Dimmable

The users reviewed it as a perfect one for all uses as it produces ambient light. It does not produce much heat even when used for a long time, without being switched off. It produces much less heat, when compared to CFL and gives a softer or warmer color. It is very easy to use and looks perfect in any type of fixtures. This LED lamp looks like any other normal lamp and gives perfect lumen and color temperature of 2700K, which provides a great look to the home.  The diffuser crystal inside the bulb is designed in such a way that it not only looks better, but also works better than any other LED bulbs. This bulb can be used for reading purposes as it produces high quality light without flicker. It consumes only 3.5 Watts to produce a light output of 150 lumens. The dimmable feature and no need to replace the bulb for decades are some of the other features that inspire more users to use this product. The unique features combined with excellent performance is sure to contribute to the overall beautification of the home. The more features and description of this amazing product can be obtained from 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Smart LED Narrow Flood Light Bulb from GE

Many manufacturers have recognized the future of LED lighting and came forward with a wide range of LED lights suitable for both indoor and outdoor lightings. The LED bulbs are energy efficient, highly durable, and perfect match for the nature. It does not cost you much, even left on for a considerably long time.  A number of flood light bulbs that can provide a broad beam of light in track and recessed fixtures are available and GE is one of the best manufacturers of this kind. The G.E. ® 10 Watt Par 30 Energy Smart LED Narrow Flood Light Bulb.

The G.E. ® 10 Watt Par 30 Energy Smart LED Narrow Flood Light Bulb is one of the most preferred energy efficient choices of many people for traditional downlight applications and comes with a limited warranty of three years. You can choose to have long or short neck lamps, depending on your desire. These lamps are eco-friendly and do not contain any hazardous materials, and is RoHS compliant, which makes it safe for both humans and nature. The operational cost is low and can produce the same quality light of standard 50-watt halogen lamp, consuming only 12 watts of power.  It consumes only 10 watts, thereby helping you to reduce the energy consumption up to 78%. The color-rendering feature of this bulb is excellent with a CRI of 80 to 92.

The company guarantees a long life up to 30,000 hours rated life (L70) and a life span up to 50,000 hours rated life (L70) for dimmable version. The dimming feature is excellent and it can dim from 100% to 10%, with much ease. The energy stared G.E. ® 10 Watt Par 30 Energy Smart LED Narrow Flood Light Bulb is available in a wide range of beam patterns, which include 20˚ , 24˚ , 25˚ , 35˚ and 40˚.

 G.E. ® 10 Watt Par 30 Energy Smart LED Narrow Flood Light Bulb 

The enhanced color quality and reduced glare makes this bulb a perfect pick for prolonged use. This bulb is a product of the ideal blend of technology and advanced optics. The long life of the bulb saves you from the mess of frequent replacements and the energy star will help you to cut down the electricity bills. The short neck of the bulb makes it good to be used in track lighting or ring light fixtures. The bulb is available in three different color temperatures - 2700K, 3000K, and 4000K. It can produce both Halogen-like and incandescent-like color.  In short, the G.E. ® 10 Watt Par 30 Energy Smart LED Narrow Flood Light Bulb is a good choice to invest as it has verifiable lumen ratings, and constant color. You can know more about this bulb by clicking on 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Enjoy the Intelligent Color of iColor Flex LMX from Philips

People love to decorate their home in a rich and aesthetic vision to create a sense of drama for viewers. Majority of the people love to give life to their imagination in an enchanting way, and will be happy to do it all by themselves. The LEDs are the most preferred lighting system that are highly flexible and can be made into any desired shape to give dynamic lighting effects. You can find a lot of products that can serve your purpose and the iColor Flex LMX from Philips is an outstanding option to give you a contemporary lighting solution, which incorporates all the industry leading controls and have multiple lens options.

iColor Flex LMX from Philips are high-intensity, full-color LED strand nodes that are flexible and capable of giving better-quality long distance viewing. It is highly versatile, and can be installed into any fixture regardless of the shape or size of the fixture. Each strand of the iColor Flex LMX consists of 50 independently addressable LED nodes, which can be shortened to fit into any fixture or structure and ensures that it can support virtually any lighting or design. Each node is capable of producing an output of up to 6.56 candelas. In addition to the standard cable length, custom lengths of 5 to 72 nodes are also available.

The iColor Flex LMX strands are so flexible that they can be directly mounted to almost anything. The detachable feature of the leader cables makes it possible for you to install the strings at desired positions. It can be used in installation for complex geometries as the single nodes can be positioned individually and the straight linear runs can be used for optional mounting. You can get a clean and finished look by using the snap-on spacers that can hide the cabling and mounting hardware between the nodes.

iColor Flex LMX from Philips

It is well suited for outdoor decoration as it is fully sealed and IP66-rated. The designers are much impressed with the working of this LED lighting system as they were able to overcome many technical, environmental, and physical limitations on their design, which was not possible if they were using the traditional LED strands. The Philips iColor Flex LMX is able to survive even the harsh weather conditions.

The installation of iColor Flex LMX is very easy and can be used in wide range of two-dimensional and three dimensional configurations. Before installing, you must have a clear idea of how to install it, number of strands and how to position the LEDs. The lens can be easily cleaned using water, mild detergent and a soft cloth. It is not advised to use chemicals that contain ammonia or sodium hydroxide. There are a lot of special features and you can find more about this wonderful product, get it at an affordable rate from 

Friday, August 16, 2013

GE’s Lumination™ BT Series LED Lighting Fixture – The all-in-one lighting system

GE lighting has always been there inventing new technologies that would work best and help to change the way the people light their commercial or residence buildings.  The LED manufacturer GE has launched Lumination™ BT Series LED Lighting Fixture for use in office, retail and commercial building spaces. The uniform light distribution across the face of the luminaries helps to eliminate the glare common in office and retail lighting. This new product is designed in such a way that it can be easily fit into existing drop ceilings, and used in retrofits. The initial cost that is required in the installation or replacement process is the key factor that prevents the business men from using the LED lighting fixtures.

What makes the GE’s Lumination™ BT Series LED Lighting Fixture the best?

The GE’s Lumination™ BT Series LED Lighting Fixture claims to have a life expectancy of about 50,000-hours and improved L70 lumen at an affordable cost, makes it the number one choice of retailers. The reduced power consumption and high-quality color consistency is best suited for all types of environments. It is 100% eco-friendly as it does not contain any traces of mercury, glass or other toxic elements, relieving you from the concerns of disposal. Moreover, it is cost effective and fashionable design that can give a modern and aesthetic look to the workplace.

Lumination BT Series LED lighting fixtures

It reduces the maintenance cost, improves the working environment and increases the productivity. It is available in a variety of sizes to match the various needs of the indoor lighting. The innovative technology used by GE’s Lumination™ BT Series LED Lighting Fixture gives warm and cool temperature, is able to meet today’s almost all environmental challenges.  This wonderful product also meets all the standards of efficiency, and broadens the lighting in an easy and cost effective way with the ready to use lighting systems.
The business men are replacing the traditional lighting system with the GE’s Lumination™ BT Series LED Lighting Fixture as it helps them to save on energy bills, whilst increasing the workplace productivity. The even distribution of light and adaptability to all lighting spaces attracts more and more people to use it. The architects are able to design building using the fashionable lighting fixtures designed to match both the contemporary and traditional style of building. It is proven that by replacing the incandescent bulbs with the GE’s Lumination™ BT Series LED Lighting Fixture has considerably reduced the amount of energy consumption.

There are a number of websites that sell the GE’s Lumination™ BT Series LED Lighting Fixture, but you can get more info and product description from   this will help you to choose the right one for your working or living space.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

GE Creates the First Smart Omni-directional LED A19 Light Bulbs

The innovation in the field of LED technology has made the people to replace the traditional lighting and switch to high-quality, long-lasting LED-based general lighting. The high performance and the energy saving has greatly influenced the residential as well as commercial business owners to rethink about the lighting solutions they need. The traditional bulbs disperse light only in one direction i.e. forward direction. The LED manufacturer giant, GE has launched the first smart Omni-directional LED A19 bulbs to solve this problem.
Specifications of the bulb
The first Omni-directional LED bulb has many salient features that has made it so popular. The unique design and the features of the bulb, makes it possible to project the light in the downward direction.   A GE Omni-directional LED A19 9W bulb can serve you for a long period of time and is backed by a 10 year warranty. It can serve the purpose of 60W incandescent light and can cut down the energy cost. It remains cool when compared to incandescent bulbs and the color is pure white. The metallic heat sink attached to the arm of the bulb dissipated the heat produced and keeps the bulb cool, even if used for continuous hours. The bulb consists of an opaque glass top.

It can produce 450 lumens and can be operated at 120V, 0.08A, 9W.  It weighs about 4.20 oz.
As per the expert’s opinion, this bulb is well suited for all types of lighting needs and Omni-directional features makes it the number one choice to be used in challenging location. The bulb can produce white color light, without any delay and have even light distribution. There is no much disadvantage in using this bulb, when compared to the benefits. One of the main reasons that make people re-thinks of using this new generation energy efficient bulb is the cost. It is bit costly, when compared to other LED bulbs. Even though, the company does not mention whether the bulb incorporates the dimming feature, it works well in the dimming sockets.
The magnificent shape, unique design and cool features are sure to win the heart of the users. The bulb can produce instant brightness and is the best replacement for the traditional bulbs that are bulky and cost you heavily in the energy consumption.   The shades can be a best pair for the heat sink arms. The people who have used this wonderful product are much impressed with its high quality performance and the savings they have made. You can see that the bulb will deliver more light in less Wattage, when compared to similar products.
You can find the latest products and this wonderful GE’s Smart Omni-directional LED A19 Light Bulbs at an affordable rate from