Wednesday, September 12, 2012

LED Desk Lamps

Bulbrite 40W Replacement (6W) Slyng LED Desk Lamp with Touch Dimmer (Warm, Dim, Blue)

LED Desk Lamps are just some of the new products that we offer. They come in different styles that would surely fit your preference. The contemporary designs of the LED Desk lamps give an upgrade from the traditional desk lamps illumination to a whole new level of sophistication. You can choose from Stryde, Skye¸Slyng, Symple, miniStryde, Swytch, and Swyvel . Along with those catching names come stylish designs that would surely be a statement in any office, work space or modern living room. Who can’t resist the advantages that they have over the incandescents and fluorescents? They are environmentally-friendly, and have long hours of rated life. They offer safe, bright white light, and have no UV radiation. They also operate cooler than incandescent and fluorescent desk lamps.

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