Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Buckyball: The New LED Star of Madison Square Park

Dogs being walked by dog owners, joggers running around and couples making out are the usual scenes in a park. If you’re tired of the usual scenery around parks, then feast your eyes on the new star of Madison Quare Park, Leo Villareal’s sculpture which he has given the name Buckyball.

A Buckyball is a spherical molecule but now is not the time to get geeky. The sculpture is made up of 180 color changing LED tubes which make it a sight to behold for many park visitors. Visitors have even claimed that the 30-foot tall sculpture is actually calming.

The Buckyball

But of course, Leo Villareal built it with a purpose. It’s not just a piece that will gather ooh’s and aah’s from people. It was meant to trigger the brain’s neurological processes and by the reaction and responses of visitors, it looks like it’s working. Pretty amazing huh? It was accompanied by sci-fi music on its opening night but even without music, the sculpture is a sight to behold. The sculpture will be on display until February 2013.

You too can build your own sculpture using LED Tubes. It may not be as marvelous as Villareal’s sculpture but who knows what you can come up with?

More info and images here.

Monday, October 29, 2012

LED Lights – A New Method of Art Preservation?

The next time you visit a museum, don’t just look at the art on the wall, look at the ceilings too. That is if you ever drop by Indiana University’s Art Museum. The museum houses several original oil paintings done by IU Professor, Barry Gealt himself.

Instead of the usual glare and unwanted light effects we usually see in museums, Rob Shakespeare, who created the Light Totem placed in front of the museum, used his theater and lighting expertise in creating a smarter lighter system using LED Lights for Barry Gealt’s art exhibit.

Visitors viewing Barry Gealt's Art Exhibit lighted by LED Light Bulbs

As Shakespeare would describe it, incandescent lights give off an “apricot soup” effect. According to Shakespeare, LED lights, aside from helping conserve energy, are also able to preserve the artwork itself. The infrared rays produced by incandescent lights can destroy the pigments of the artwork thus ruining the piece.

The LED lights are expected to last 50,000 hours thereby decreasing the need to change it every now and then. Furthermore, the lights produce a more natural lighting allowing the artwork to show and express its true colors.

Who’d have thought that LED lights could do such things? If you were amazed, then it’s about time you change your lights too. Check out LED bulbs here http://www.agreensupply.com/a15-led/.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Breakthrough to LED Lights Technology: Wi-Fi Controlled LED Light Bulbs

This smart kit combines energy saving, a well-known quality of LED lights, with convenience making you aware of your electricity bills in advance by letting you keep track of its usage. And if you think this is going to be a complicated installation full of wires, think again. Of course the company had convenience in mind which is why it will only take a few minutes to install. Install the LED lights as you would ordinary lights and then just connect the adapter to your router and voila, you have technology at its finest. Another advantage? It’s all in your hands. You can either control it using the mobile app or the remote that comes with it. The kit costs $200 and contains 4 bulbs.

Hold your horses before you head out to the store. Greenwave Reality will be selling them not directly to consumers but to lighting companies. Just wait for your turn to get it at a reduced price. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

LED: 50th Year of Discovery

Did you know that last October 9 marks the 50th year of discovery of LED?

Fifty years ago, GE scientist Dr. Nick Holonyak Jr. (who was then 33 yrs. old) invented the very first light-emitting diode (LED). GE colleagues used to call it “the magic one” since it’s light, visible to the human eye, and unlike infrared lasers.

Dr. Holonyak is now 83 yrs. old and he recounted the competitive forces that drove him into a moment of discovery in a GE laboratory. He said that if others can make a laser, he can definitely make a better one because he have made an alloy that is in color red. Thus, visible and would let him see what’s happening, while others are stuck with infrared.

Today, LEDs are being used in countless applications from mundane to mission critical. Dr. Holonyak calls LED as the “ultimate lamp” because “the current itself is the light”. Hence, lower losses and higher efficiencies than other lighting technologies.

To read more about Dr. Holonyak’s amazing discovery, click this link.
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Thursday, October 11, 2012

War Memorial now uses LED Lights

When visiting War Memorial next time for a Crunch game, Disney on Ice, or any other else, I bet you’ll notice a big difference. Thanks to the new LED lights that have been installed! The LED lights helped make the arena seem to look newer. Aside from being able to help the environment, county money will be saved. The LED lights consume less energy up to 90% compared to the old lights that they use.

Some of the interesting features of the new lighting system are the abilities  to turn it on and off, then on again in an instant, being able to dim it, and being able to control each light using an iPad since there’s an antenna on each of the fixture.

It is also expected to get savings from the building’s cooling system since the new LED lights won’t melt the ice at all unlike the old lights did that consumed  more energy in keeping the ice cold.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Tons of Energy and Maintenance Savings for Public Storage with GE LED Lighting

The world’s largest owner and operator of self-storage facilities, Public Storage will expectedly save up to $1.9 million in their  yearly lighting costs after they have changed their exterior signage. They have replaced their T12HO fluorescent lamps with GE Lighting’s LED sign lighting solutions at their 2,000 plus locations. The bright orange and purple box signs and pole signs helped the company stand out.

The company chose GE Tetra® PowerStrip LED sign lighting to replace the T12 fluorescent tubes of their single- and double-sided box signs of their more than 2,000 properties. The company has now standardized signage lighting on all of their locations, and there is also now an ability to track the warranties. 

The project would surely be a success because the maintenance costs will be greatly lowered, and the brand consistency will be maintained.

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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