Tuesday, March 12, 2013

LED Lights: An Eerie but Inviting Glow

LED Lights have gained popularity not only because it was able to beat traditional lights in terms of cost and energy efficiency. It became popular because it was versatile, able to give off that modern look in interiors without having to waste so much energy and heat. This is something halogen lights are unable to do.

LED lights can create drama, enhance mood and give off beauty. It can give an eerie effect to a room or even make it inviting depending on the user.

Because of this, the LED lights will surely have its place in the future possibly eliminating the use of halogen lamps.

With the advanced technology, LED lights are being further experimented on creating life and light for future generations to come.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's More Fun with LED Lights

Life just got a little more colorful and cheaper, thanks to the invention of LED lights. The versatility of the different types of LED lights as well as the cheap cost that will set you back a lot in your electricity bills make LED lights very much a winner in our books.

Just think, you can do lighted counter tops:

Find your way when you think you're lost using LED lighted tiles:

And if you ever get tired, you can always sit in these LED Lighted chairs:

Before, this couldn't be done. It could, in exchange for sky high electricity bills.

LED Lights: Any kid from the 0's would gladly exchange their lava lamps for that, don't you think so?

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