Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What is Warm White and Natural Daylight White Color for LED Light Bulbs?

Some people have asked us, how does Green Supply's warm white LED light bulb look like and the same for natural daylight white LED light bulb.

Warm white and natural daylight white is in reference to specific color temperature range. Green Supply's warm white LED light bulbs is in the range of 2800 to 3500K, providing yellowish warm white color light. Natural daylight white is in the range of 4500 to 6500K, providing crisp bluish white color light.

Warm white is the color of light generated by incandescent light bulbs and are commonly used at home for more relaxing and comfortable environment.

Natural daylight white is the color of light generated by sun at daylight and are commonly used at office and store for clean, crisp and refreshing environment.

Here are pictures of how objects look like in warm white light (light provided by Green Supply's 40W replacement warm white LED light bulbs), sunlight and natural daylight white light (light provided by Green Supply's 40W replacement natural daylight white LED light bulbs):

Warm White LED Light Bulb
3000 to 3500K

Natural Daylight White
LED Light Bulb
6000 to 6500K

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Terrariums Made Out of Regular Incandescent Light Bulbs!

What do you do with regular incandescent light bulbs that you bought one too many and just piling up in your storage closets because you have replaced them with more energy efficient LED light bulbs and/ or CFLs?

We came across this company, Tiny Terra, that makes terrariums out of regular incandescent light bulbs. What a great Green idea!
Picture shown to the side is one of the terrariums they make (picture taken from their website,

For more information about Tiny Terra, please visit their website at:

Share us your creative ideas or products that reuse replaced regular incandescent light bulbs. Send us an email at:

For those that send us an email, we will send you a coupon code for 20% off any purchases on our LED light bulbs (

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Green Supply Making Reusable Shopping Bags into Fashion Statements!

With more and more cities and states banning plastic bags and charging paper bags, reusable shopping bags are becoming necessary accessories to carry with you for your next shopping trip. Why carry boring reusable bags with advertisements or company logos prints?

Style it up with Green Supply's new collections of fashionable foldable reusable bags that easily mix and match with outfits.

Green Supply makes it convenient for you to always have reusable bags available by offering reusable bags that fold into retro and chic print pouches, compact cartoon animal shapes, strawberry pouches or small wallet size purses. Check out Green Supply's new collections of reusable bags:

Order today (12/20/2010) to get there for Christmas!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Check Out Green Supply LED Lights University Webpage to Help Answer Your Questions about LED Light Bulbs

Check out Green Supply LED Lights University Webpage to help answer some of your questions about LED light bulbs. Here is the link:
We are working on creating more educational materials. If there is anything you are curious about and would like us to write an explanation about LED light bulbs, general light bulbs or just general lighting, please leave us a comment in this blog.

You can also email us at: and we can reward your "Green" curiosity with a 15% off coupon code for anything in our Green Supply store.

No More Regular Incandescent Light Bulb by 2012!

Regular incandescent light bulbs are phasing out by 2012 (for 100-watt incandescent) and by 2014 (for 40-watt incandescent). Some stores and manufacturers have already stopped selling and producing incandescent light bulbs.
On December 2007, U.S. Congress passed an act (Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007) that require all general-purpose light bulbs that produce 310 to 2600 lumens of light to be 30% more energy efficient than regular incandescent bulbs by 2012 to 2014. This is all part of an effort of being Green by being more energy efficient.

What type of light bulbs can be purchased after 2011 if no more incandescent light bulbs?

After 2011, 3 types of light bulbs are still available:

1) CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Light) for general household, industrial and commercial use.
However CFLs contain mercury, highly toxic metal, that gets release as vapor when CFLs are broken. Mercury when inhaled or ingested can cause severe damages to the brain, nervous system and respiratory system.

2) Halogen - commonly used in automotive headlamps, some desk lamps and floodlights. Halogen is not energy efficient and consume as much energy as incandescent light bulbs.

3) LED light bulbs - used for all (general household, industrial and commercial use and automotive headlamps) and are starting to even replace CFLs and halogen due to its Green qualities.

Some of the Green qualities of LED light bulbs are:

  • Energy efficient: consumes 45% less electricity than CFLs and 87% less electricity than halogen and incandescent light bulbs (based on Green Supply LED light bulbs).
  • Non-toxic: Does not contain mercury and other harmful chemicals.
  • Lasts longer, hence less LED light bulbs ending up in the landfill: At least 5 times longer than CFLs and 50 times longer than incandescent.

LED light bulb is the "Greenest" light bulb for now and our future. More information about Green Supply LED light bulbs can be found here:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

City of San Jose, CA Ban Disposable Plastic Bags and Charging Paper Bags

Effective Jan. 1, 2012, City of San Jose, CA would ban single-use disposable plastic bags and stop free distribution of paper bags by retail establishments. Retailers could offer paper bags made of at least 40 percent recycled content for a charge, which would start at 10 cents and increase to 25 cents after a year.
Time for reusable bags, check out Green Supply reusable bags:

Monday, December 13, 2010

What is Lumen?

Lumen (lm) is the measure of power of light perceived by the human eyes.

A shortcut light bulb manufacturers use to explain the light output of CFLs and LED light bulbs is based on the wattage of incandescent light bulbs that produce certain amount of light output, in which CFLs or LED light bulbs to replace can produce similar amount of light output.

Below table shows different wattage of incandescent light bulbs and light output (in lumens) these light bulbs produce (*light output shown in table is dependent on light efficiency of incandescent light bulbs):

Wattage of
Incandescent Light Bulb

Light Output

Wattage of
Green Supply LED Light Bulb

25W 250-350 3W
40W 400-550 5W
60W 700-900 7-9W
75W 900-1100 12W
100W 1600-1800 15W

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Green Supply "Swag Bag Sponsor" for American Cancer Society's Bags, Baubles and Baskets Event

Green Supply is a "Swag Bag Sponsor" for American Cancer Society's Bags, Baubles and Baskets event, in which Green Supply's Foldable Reusable Stripe Shopping Bags were donated to support this great event and great organization. More information regarding Green Supply reusable bags can be found here:

Here is more details about American Cancer Society's Bags, Baubles and Baskets event:
May 12th, 2011 6-9pm at Galdieux Meadows in Toledo, OH (4480 Heatherdowns Blvd. Toledo, OH 43614)
Women's night out focusing on health.
Buffet dinner with foods to support healthy living.
Silent Auction, Purse Bingo, and much more!
American Cancer Society is a great organization that helps create a world with more birthdays and less cancer! Please support the American Cancer Society.

About Green Supply:

Green Supply is your online store for Green household products with a simple mission: "Green Supply for now and future" starts from our home with the products we use and consume. Green Supply products have these Green qualities: Environmentally-friendly, Non-toxic, Reusability, Energy efficiency, Recycled content and Reduced waste. Green Supply main focus products are LED home lighting, LED light bulbs, LED Christmas lights and reusable bags. For more information about products offered by Green Supply can be found at: LED home lighting, LED light bulbs, LED Christmas lights and reusable bags. For more information about products offered by Green Supply can be found at:

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Savings on Electricity Bill by Using LED Christmas Lights Versus Incandescent

Many of you are wondering, are there significant electricity bill savings by switching from incandescent Christmas lights to LED Christmas lights (turned on at most 1 to 2 months during the holiday season)?

Here is the answer based on these simple calculations:

  • Green Supply LED String Lights (10 meters (32.8 feet) with 100 LED bulbs) consume up to 5 watts per string.
  • Regular incandescent Christmas string lights consume 5 to 10 watts per bulb => 500 to 1,000 watts per 100 bulbs string lights.
  • Assume on average Christmas string lights turned on for 6 hours everyday in December and January.
  • Assume cost of electricity bill is $0.15 per kWh
  • Let's begin the calculation based on above consumption and assumption of use:
    • Green Supply LED String Lights electricity bill for December and January:
      • [5 watts * (6 hours/ day * 62 days)] / 1000 * $0.15 kWh => $0.279
    • Regular incandescent string lights electricity bill for December and January:
      • [500 to 1,000 watts * (6 hours/ day * 62 days)] / 1000 * $0.15 kWh => $27.90 to $55.80
    • Electricity bill savings by switching to Green Supply LED String Lights:
      • $55.80 - $0.279 => $55.52 electricity bill savings for 2 months!

Green Supply LED String Light pays for itself with an extra $40 in your pocket!

Click here for more information about Green Supply LED String Lights.

How to Minimize Electric Circuit Overload and Minimize Fire Hazard Risk with LED Christmas Lights?

Especially during holiday season, many homes experience electric circuit overload, which causes the fuse to blow, the circuit breaker to trip and/ or wires to overheat, which leads to fire hazard.

What is the reason for this?

The reason for electric circuit overload is having appliances draw more power from the electric circuit than what the electric circuit provides.

Typical electric circuit in residential homes provides 15 to 20 amps of electric current. The way to determine the amount of electric current (in amps) provided by each circuit is by looking at the circuit breaker box, in which a number is printed on the end of each switch to indicate the number of amps for that circuit.

One electric circuit can supply electricity for several outlets. The way to determine which outlets are supplied by the electric circuit is to switch off the electric circuit and check which outlets work or not work when the electric circuit is off.

So you are wondering, why does electric circuit overload has to do with Christmas lights?

Many of you probably don't know that regular incandescent Christmas lights can draw more power than they seem, especially when several lights run and are extended on a single electric circuit.

Here are some simple calculations to determine how many incandescent and LED Christmas lights can run on a single electric circuit (calculations do not include other electrical appliances powered by the same electric circuit):

Voltage (in volts) * Current (in amps) = Total Power (in watts)
Voltage from electric outlet (in U.S.) = 120 volts
Electric circuit provides current of 15 to 20 amps
120 volts * 15 to 20 amps = 1800 to 2400 watts of total power per electric circuit

Useable power is only 80% of the total power:
Total Power (in watts) * 0.8 = Useable power
1800 to 2400 watts * 0.8 = 1440 to 1920 watts of useable power per electric circuit

# of Christmas light bulbs that can run on electric circuit = Useable power / power per light bulb
Below table show how many regular incandescent versus LED Christmas Lights can run on electric circuit.

Type of Christmas
Light Bulb;
Wattage per bulb

# of Christmas
Light Bulb per
15 amps circuit
# of Christmas
Light Bulb per
20 amps circuit

# of 100-bulbs string lights
per circuit

Mini LED bulb;
0.05 watt per bulb
(Green Supply
LED String Lights

288 to 384
Green Supply LED String Lights
per circuit

Regular incandescent
C7 light bulb;
5 watts

2.88 to 3.84 (~3 string lights)
Regular incandescent
C9 light bulb;
10 watts
1.44 to 1.92 (~1 string light)

From the above table, it shows that up to 384 Green Supply 100-bulbs LED Christmas Lights can be powered by one electric circuit versus only up to 1 to 3 regular incandescent 100-bulbs string lights per electric circuit without causing electric overload.

Switching to LED Christmas Lights can help minimize electric circuit overload and minimize fire hazard risk. Here is more information about Green Supply LED String Lights:

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cyber Monday Week Deals!

We are starting our celebration of Cyber Monday week with week-long of unbelievable prices (prices drop by 50% or more with use of coupon codes).

Here are some coupon codes to start the celebration:

1) $0.25 All-Purpose Microfiber Cleaning Cloth: 25Cents-Microfiber

2) 50% off Lighted Holiday Greeting Card: HolidayGreetingCard50%

From $4.95 to $2.48 (Posted 11/28)

3) 50% off Bicycle LED Light Set: 50%BicycleLED
From $18.95 to $9.48 (Posted 11/29)

4) 50% off MR16 LED Light GX5.3 Base (12V DC), Low Light Intensity (~7.5W Halogen), Natural White or Warm White Color: MR16Low50%
From $9.45 to $4.73 (Posted 11/30)

5) 50% off MR16 LED Light Bulb GU10 Base (110 to 120V AC, Electric Plug), Low Light Intensity (~7.5W Halogen, Natural White or Warm White Color: MR16Low50%
From $9.95 to $4.98 (Posted 11/30)

6) $1 off LED String Lights - Red Color: LEDSTRINGRED$1OFF
From $14.95 to $13.95 (Posted 12/1)

7) 50% off Flameless Candles: FlamelessCandle50%
From $4.95 to $2.48 (Posted 12/2)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday Deal: $0.25 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Black Friday Deal: $0.25 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Use this coupon code: 25Cents-Microfiber

This coupon code only applies for this Thanksgiving weekend and ends 11/28/2010.
Based on available inventory.

More info about Green Supply Microfiber Cleaning Cloth can be found here:

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Updated List of Green Supply Coupon Codes 10% to 50%

LED Home Lighting/ LED Light Bulbs 10% off: Save10%LED
Microfiber Cloth and Towel 10% off: Save10%Microfiber

Friday, October 22, 2010

More U.S. Cities Banning and Taxing Plastic Shopping Bags

Several U.S. cities are banning and taxing plastic shopping bags (for single-use) as a way to be Green.

Here is a Green shout out to U.S. cities that have banned plastic shopping bags:

Starting from Northern California (San Francisco Bay Area) where Green Supply reside:
Sunnyvale, CA (in consideration)
Palo Alto, CA
San Francisco, CA

Los Angeles, CA
Fairfax, CA
Malibu, CA

Westport, CT
Outer Banks in NC
Bethel, Alaska
Edmonds, WA
American Samoa Island

Many more U.S. cities in consideration.

Green Supply offers a wide selection of foldable reusable bags that fold into either cute animal designs or strawberry pouches, small enough to carry in your pockets. For more information about Green Supply foldable reusable bags, go to our website at: ($3.49 - $7.95).

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Are you ready for the Holidays? Starting to buy Holiday greeting cards?

Are you ready for the Holidays?
Starting to buy Holiday greeting cards to send out to your family and friends?

Instead of sending plain paper greeting cards, why not send Lighted Holiday Greeting Cards that can brighten anybody's holidays.

Green Supply offers Lighted Holiday Greeting Cards with lit up Christmas tree (lit by 2 LEDs either yellow or green). These Lighted Holiday Greeting Cards are credit card size and encased in Kraft paper envelope (good to send an additional gift card along with the greeting card).

More information about Green Supply Lighted Holiday Greeting Cards can be found here:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Improving Green Supply Website

We are currently working on improvements to the Green Supply website (

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. We will have the improved website ready in a few days.

Thank you for being Green! Green Supply for now and your future.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Green Supply Website Optimized for Easy Mobile Browsing

Green Supply website optimized for easy mobile browsing and ordering.
Use your mobile phone and see how easy it is to navigate Green Supply website ( Below mobile screenshots are captured using iPhone.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Green Supply Fall Sale Coupon Codes

Green Supply Fall Sale Coupon Codes are now posted on

We have just added coupon codes for:
10% off LED home lighting (coupon code: Save10%LED)
10% off microfiber cloth and towel (coupon code: Save10%Microfiber)

For more information about Green Supply products, please visit our website at:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Accents Fashion Accessories - Selling Green Supply Reusable Bags!

Green Supply foldable, reusable cartoon animal bags are now sold at Accents Fashion Accessories.
Thank you Accents for being Green and promoting reusable bags!

Accents Fashion Accessories is the go-to fashion boutique store in Dallas, Texas area with 2 store locations: one in Dallas Uptown and one in Arlington.
Accents offers a great selection of fashion-forward clothing, jewelry, handbags and accessories.
Accents is one of those rare-gem boutique stores that allow customers to distinguish their individual styles or select that unique gift all in a setting that feels like going to a girlfriend's house through personalized service and attention.
With friendly prices, customers can stretch their wallet and take pleasure in knowing that they can purchase 5 fantastic pieces of clothing or jewelry for the price of 1 item at department stores.

If you are in Dallas, Texas area, please stop by Accents.

Here are the addresses for Accents 2 store locations:

Dallas, TX:
3699 McKinney Avenue #502
Dallas, TX 75204

Arlington, TX:
3900 Arlington Highlands Blvd. #173
Arlington, TX 76018

Here are more information about Accents Fashion Accessories:

Monday, September 6, 2010

Plastic Bags Getting Thinner - Time for Reusable Bags?

Went to Walmart today to get my usual shampoo and conditioner and noticed the way they try to be Green is by providing thinner plastic bags.

Instead of using these thin plastic bags that probably can't hold up to my shampoo and conditioner, I pulled out Green Supply's foldable reusable bags.

Maybe time for foldable reusable bags that are stronger than thin plastic bags and handy to carry in your purse and pocket.

Thanks Draeger's Markets - Promoting Reusable Bags

Thank you Draeger's Markets for thinking Green and promoting reusable bags.

Green Supply offers a wide selection of foldable reusable bags that fold into either cute animal designs or strawberry pouches, small enough to carry in your pockets.

For more information about Green Supply foldable reusable bags, go to our website at:
($3.49 - $7.95).

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Paper Bags, Plastic Bags or Bring Your Own Reusable Bags?

The question commonly asked at grocery store checkout counter "Paper or Plastic?" will not be asked by some stores.

Some grocery stores will eliminate or have already eliminated the plastic bag option at checkout. Paper bag option is still available at most of these grocery stores. However, paper bag is still tough on the environment with the use of natural resources (trees and more energy that would generate more greenhouse gas emission) to create the paper bags.

Some grocery stores that have eliminated the plastic bag options are:
Fred Meyer (10 stores in Portland, Oregon to start);
Whole Foods;
Costco (provide neither plastic nor paper bags)

There are many grocery stores that are also looking to eliminate plastic bag options in the future.

What is the best option to pack up your grocery?
Reusable bags!

Green Supply offers a wide selection of foldable reusable bags that fold into either cute animal designs or strawberry pouches, small enough to carry in your pockets.

For more information about Green Supply foldable reusable bags, go to our website at:
($3.49 - $7.95)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Microfiber Body and Bath Towel – Super-Absorbent and Gentle on Skin

Microfiber Body and Bath Towel – Super-Absorbent and Gentle on Skin

Microfiber towels are ideal to be used as bath towels: Super-absorbent to help quickly dry your body, face and hair; Quick-dry after use, unlike ordinary cotton towels that take longer to dry and more likely to grow mildew; and most importantly gentle on your skin, unlike cotton towels that are sometimes rough on your skin after dried.

Microfiber is a combination of two man-made fibers, polyester and polyamide (nylon by-product). These two fibers are split and formed into microfiber woven fabric of 80% polyester (for scrubbing and cleaning) and 20% polyamide (for super-absorbency and quick-dry). The individual thread of microfiber towel is more than 100 times smaller than human hair, which makes microfiber towel softer than silk and able to easily pick up dust, dirt, grime and residue.

Green Supply offers a good selection of microfiber body and bath towels that are big enough to wrap around your body (size: 30” x 56”) and available in various colors (beige, blue, light blue, green, light green, orange, light orange, pink, light pink, red and light yellow). The threads for these microfiber towels are tightly looped to make the towels more super-absorbent.

Once you try Green Supply’s microfiber body and bath towels, you will be impressed by the softness, absorbency and quick-drying of these towels that you will never go back to ordinary cotton towels!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Energy Efficient LED Lights - for now and future

Foldable Reusable Bags – What a Concept!

Foldable Reusable Bags – What a Concept!

What do you do with reusable bags after you are done using them for the day? Most people would either neatly fold them or crumple the bags in storage compartments for later use.

With Green Supply's
foldable reusable bags, you can easily fold the bags into compact cute cartoon animal designs or small strawberry pouches. These bags can be easily stored in your purses, bags or even pockets. These light-weight bags are made of polyester fabric, strong enough to carry up to 10 pounds. You can impress your friends by folding the reusable bags into cute animal shapes or fittng the reusable bags into cute strawberry pouches. (

No More Boring Reusable Bags!

No More Boring Reusable Bags!

Why carry plain reusable bags to grocery stores when you can carry Green Supply’s adorable reusable bags that fold into cute cartoon animal designs. When not in use, you can easily fold these reusable bags into compact 3” x 2” x 1” cute cartoon animal shapes that can be stored in your purses or even your pockets. These light-weight bags are made of polyester fabric, strong enough to carry up to 10 pounds. You can impress your friends when you show them the cute animal shapes these foldable reusable bags fold into. ($7.95,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Green Supply All Purpose Cleaning Cloth

Green Supply All Purpose Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Are you looking for cleaning cloth that can clean almost all surfaces with minimal use of water and no use of cleaning chemicals that could be toxic or abrasive to surfaces and your skin?

For more information about Green Supply All Purpose Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, please visit Green Supply website:

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Are You Using Reusable Bags?

Eco friendly reusable bags have become popular for companies and homes. Companies are giving out eco friendly reusable bags at trade shows or for customer giveaways. Eco friendly bags are easy to use for grocery shopping or when you need a spare bag to carry things that can not be fitted in your purse, suitcase or luggage.

These reusable bags are made stronger and more durable than plastic and paper bags. You can easily carry up to 10 lbs of groceries. These reusable bags are also easy to clean. Just wipe away dirt or dust using wet cloth and you can start reusing for occasions like carrying books back from the library.

Recently, boring eco friendly reusable bags with company logos are being transformed to cuter and easier carrying bags. Have you seen these new foldable reusable strawberry bags? These foldable reusable bags are in various different colors like pink, red, blue, purple and yellow.

For animal lovers, there are foldable reusable animal bags that fold into adorable animals like pig, cat, frog, mouse, panda, bear, chicken or pirate mouse.

If you are looking for more sophisticated looking reusable bags, there are reusable bags that fold into small purse with carrying handles. These simple and elegant looking stripe foldable reusable bags are great for any occasions. The handle of these stripe bags are strong enough to carry heavy things like your laptops and books.

It is time to be Green by purchasing these reusable foldable bags and reduce usage of plastic and paper bags that just end up in our landfill after one use. Please visit Green Supply for more details about these foldable reusable bags.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reuse your plastic water bottles?

What do we do when we finished drinking water from plastic bottles?

Normally people just throw away the plastic bottles to trash cans or recycle bins. For now, recycling plastic bottles are the best Green options we have. However, there is a better option than recycling the plastic bottle after it has been used once.

the plastic bottles!

Here are a few benefits of reusing the plastic bottles:
~ Save money from buying more water bottles when we can just refill using filtered or tap water.
~ Conserve energy for recycling the plastic bottles to recycled raw materials.
~ Protect the environment by reducing waste.

A easy way to help you and remind you to continue reusing the plastic bottle is by clipping the water bottle to a bottle holder with aluminum carabiner attachment that can be easily attached to your purse, bag, belt, belt loop, bicycle, jacket or anywhere you want to attach the water bottle to.

There are bottle holders with compass or without compass available.

See the bottle holder in action in this YouTube video.