Wednesday, May 30, 2012

LED: There’s an App for That!

LED:  There’s an App for That!

I had a hard time recently with an update/re-syncing of my phone.  The updates didn’t take all the way and when the phone was done updating what it could, the next time it turned on it froze at the HTC boot up screen.  So my day included a visit to an AT&T “device service center” inside the AT&T store in the mall.  It was determined that, even after a “factory reset”, my phone needed to be replaced.  

If you’ve ever done a factory reset on a device – of any kind – you know that with that reset you lose all of your data not saved to a removable data source like an SD, SIM or other memory card.  After I got my phone home, I hooked up to my WiFi and re-downloading all my apps and games.  Many of my favorite ones were found in the free section, so I went there first.

As I was scrolling through, I noticed there was an app called “Tiny Flashlight + LED”.  When I first got my (original) phone back in March, I reported on the fact that the phone has an LED inside it.  Which means, I guess, that my surprise at finding such an app shouldn’t have occurred.  My surprise should be in the fact that there are dozens of apps related to LEDs.  Most of them are “flashlights” but some are part of games and apps.

I have to take a look around and see just which one(s) I am going to install!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

LED Bulbs Aren’t the Only Way To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

LED Bulbs Aren’t the Only Way To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

We moved recently (which you well know).  The next thing after the physical move is to get unpacked and organized.  That’s what we’ve been doing.  This includes deciding what stuff we want to recycle, donate or just plain throw out, then, finding a place to put everything we actually want to keep.  We have a new wardrobe/storage unit set up in our new playroom which holds pretty much all of our son’s toys and some of ours.  We have a new shelving unit in our garage (another good place to store things).  We didn’t have these things even remotely picked out before we moved, so we’ve been shopping and deciding since we moved in.  Of course, shopping means going to a store that probably sells more than what you are actually looking for and hoping to buy when you walk in and find your way to the “thing” you’re looking for.  

I’m always on the lookout for a high-quality LED like the ones we sell on the website, but with all of the moving expenses and regular living expenses, we can’t handle a changeover right now.

We were at Lowe’s recently – and while I was busy trying to find LEDs, my husband was busy trying to find what we’d actually come for and we passed by a new thermostat.  It’s called the Nest thermostat and it’s (probably) the first “smart” thermostat.  I know it’s the first I’ve ever seen.  You can use your smart phone to control it.  It “learns” your heating and cooling habits in order to help you save money on energy costs.  And it does lots of other cool stuff too.  I’ve found nothing that actually says Nest uses LEDs, which is our focus here, but it would be a great addition to those of us beginning our “green” adventure by switch to LED light bulbs.  Based on what it looks like, I think Nest does use LEDs.

So maybe we’ll pick up one of these when we finally get our LEDs.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Car Interiors Could Be Going LED

Car Interiors Could Be Going LED

There was a show on MTV for several years called Pimp My Ride.  The show consisted of taking someone’s car – whether it was an old beater or brand new – and “dressing it to the nines” so to speak.  I never actually watched the show, because it just didn’t interest me.  But this article that inspired today’s entry sparked me to at least look up to see if it still airs new episodes.  (It doesn’t.  It went off the air in 2007).  Apparently a new trend is to customize a car’s interiors with LED lighting.  And it’s starting at the manufacturers’ level.

As the price of LEDs continue to decline, auto manufacturers are experimenting with ambient lighting systems in order to create a distinctive feel and identity in a traditionally neglected space.  Parts of the interior receiving the LED treatment: the dashboard and the main, central lighting systems, along with places like glove boxes, ceilings, doors and flooring.

The possibilities that LEDs bring to the table could mean “smarter” interiors – interiors customized to a driver’s needs and wishes – like gesture-based technology to control the lighting, color-based displays, and even technology that assists drivers with reduced hearing and eyesight.  Or it will be another feature to lure in Generation Y drivers looking for enhanced features and connectivity with mobile and other devices.

My thoughts: where’s my LED car?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

South Carolina City Kicks Off LED Streetlight Pilot Program

South Carolina City Kicks Off LED Streetlight Pilot Program

I’m really glad my home office is set up again.  I have a great new desk and a clean workspace – highlighted by a good sturdy bookcase to hold all of my writing necessities.  Maybe I’ll get some of those touch-on LED lights to help brighten up the space a little more.  Our “office area” is actually in a little alcove in our bedroom.  I’m not a workaholic to the point I need my computer in bedroom – the computers go off at night while we sleep, so the light and noise doesn’t bother us.

As we were walking around our new neighborhood tonight, I noticed a lack of streetlights.  In fact, not many neighborhoods have streetlights around here.  My neighborhood back in Michigan had streetlights on both sides of the street probably about 15 feet apart from one another from one end of the block to the other.  Here in Arizona, there are only one or two street lights on each side of the road, per block.

I don’t know how many street lights there are, per-block, in the city of Greenville, South Carolina.  But the city is testing out a new pilot program that brings LEDs to the streets.  The mayor, Knox White, and representatives from the participating entities of Hubbell Lighting, Duke, GE, and the Green Ribbon Advisory Committee recently announced the LED Streetlight Pilot program. 

The LED streetlights have been installed along Main Street downtown and the city will test various fixtures for light quality, maintenance, power consumption, and public safety.  The start of the new program is just one of the many ways Greenville is trying to become greener and become a more livable place for its citizens.

Philips’ LED lighting for The State Hermitage in Saint-Petersburg (World’s Largest Museum)

Honoring the 200th anniversary of the Victory in the Patriotic War of 1812, new LED lighting has been presented by Philips and the State Hermitage. With the new lighting, the General Staff Building and the Chariot of Glory now gives square artistic distinctiveness and highlights its architectural elements at night. The winged chariot still virtually hovers over the square even after the sunset too. 

The Arch of the General Staff Building serves as the entrance to the Palace square. It is also a war memorial of the Patriotic War Victory. Three coupled arches that are decorated with bas-reliefs illuminated the arches and the front of the construction, thanks to Philips. Powerful LED lighting that provides bright white light also illuminates the sculpture of the Chariot of Glory.

The  Leader of Philips in Russia said that the realization of this project has further strengthened their already longstanding relationship with the State Hermitage.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

LED Makeover Will Take Time

LED Makeover Will Take Time

I’m back!  We’re still moving in and unpacking, but we’re in enough to the point that I am finally (somewhat) set up to write again.  This is being written from my laptop instead of my desktop, since I have no desktop to put a desktop computer on!  I’ve gone through the house and figured out just how many bulbs it would take to do a full LED makeover – 31.  We have track /spot lights in the kitchen, a chandelier at the front entrance, bathrooms with vanity lights and so on – all adding up to about 31 bulbs.  We’ll have to shop around for the best deals, but it will probably take a while to get every bulb changed out.

There’s not much new going on right now in the world of LED.  Maybe you all could help me: is there anything you really want to know about LEDs?  Let me know and I’ll do my best.  Meanwhile, I have so more research to do as to what bulbs I can and want to put in.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Stop Boring Ceilings with GE Lumination™ LED Luminaires

Gone are the days when commercial ceiling spaces look boring, with GE Lumination™ LED Luminaires and other bright indoor LED ideas from GE Lighting Solutions , they would appear chic and elegant. The said collection is now available  to give new look for offices, retail or hospitality settings. 

Lumination Suspended Luminaire
Who can’t resist the “remarkable light output in an ultra-thin provocative design” that the  Lumination Suspended fixture can deliver? I bet the judges of the Next Generation Luminaires™ (NGL) 2012 Indoor Competition would agree as it was recognized as a winner in their linear pendant lighting category. It is highly efficient because it combines direct and indirect lighting. A clear, narrow band surrounds the edge of the fixture, making the light source appear to float through the air.

Lumination Recessed Troffer
As thin as the width of a finger, these chic, slim fixtures emit a crisp and pleasing light that can instantly enhance the look of any room. When lit, they produce an even glow, delivering exceptionally uniform light to fill the space. While off, they appear free of a light source - a differentiator compared to most fluorescent fixtures that are typically visible.

Check out more info about the said luminaires and other GE LED Solutions here:

Here’s the link of the GE LED light bulbs that we offer: