Friday, September 28, 2012

GE LED Lighting Investment in Cleveland

West Side Market and Public Square in Cleveland, Ohio will be provided more than $200,00 (in energy- and maintenance-cost saving) LED lighting systems by GE. This would be a part of a day-long celebration of GE Works recognizing its employees, innovation heritage and Cleveland roots. 

GE’s commitment to Northeast Ohio, and its desire to showcase the iconic and beloved gathering spots in Cleveland (West Side Market and Public Square) has been reflected in the said investment. The president and CEO of GE Lighting, Maryrose Sylvester said that they take pride in the 130 years of innovation of GE Lighting because the industry was first conceived in the research labs right in their very own Nela Park. GE’s LED Lighting systems can be used in a wide range of applications such as grocery cases, signage, traffic signals, parking lots and roadways, spot and flood lighting, and also office and residential lighting

West Side Market will be having its centennial celebration. GE will be providing  $80,000 in energy-efficient, ecomagination lighting products in support to it.

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