Tuesday, July 17, 2012

MaxLite Introduces New LED Area Light

MaxLite Introduces New LED Area Light

After a great week of my mom being in town, things have settled down now that she’s gone home.  We spent 4-6 hours out in the HOT Arizona sun nearly every day – either at the pool or at the water park (my son conned TWO water park visits out of Grandma!)  After all that fun, my mom and I were shocked when he didn’t seem to care much that I was taking her to the airport.  He gave her a big hug and kiss, said “Bye Ma’ama!” and went back to watching YouTube videos.  Even tonight, he only asked “Ma’ama’s back in Mitch-ah-gAn? (That’s how he says “Michigan”).  Don’t think all the fun has kept me from watching out for LEDs though.  I see more and more cars with LED lights lately.  It’s interesting how the LEDs are used too.  The LEDs border the light unit, with no single beam in “the middle”.  But today’s entry isn’t about cars.  It’s about a new LED area light by MaxLite®.
The company recently introduced a new LED Area Light for the commercial/industrial market.  The lights come in 70-, 100-, and 140-watt models.  MaxLite® has designed the new LED Area Lights – replacements for metal halide and high pressure sodium outdoor lights of up to 400-watts – and joins the MaxLED® family of flood lights that offer the same wattages.

The new lights, which can be used for area or pedestrian lighting applications, have been approved by the DesignLights Consortium (DLC): a collaboration of utility companies and regional energy-efficiency organizations that are focused on promoting the awareness of energy-efficient lighting in commercial buildings.
Each of the three bulb types incorporates MaxLite®’s patent-pending optic/thermal transfer technology.  The 70-watt bulb is designed to replace a 250-watt metal halide fixture and provides a 67 CRI, 4141 lumens and a 68-lumens-per-watt efficacy.  The 100-watt bulb replaces a 320-watt metal halide and offers a 68 CRI while giving off 6963 lumens at an efficacy of 68-lumens-per-watt.  The 140-watt model, which delivers 8,400 lumens at an efficacy of 60-lumens-per-watt, replaces a 400-watt metal halide.

The new LEDs operate with a universal driver on electrical systems ranging from 120 to 277 volts, and, like many LEDs, have a life of 50,000 hours (at L70 standards).  All three fixtures are available in 5000K (daylight) correlated color temperature.  The 16.5”x16.5”x7.5” lights have a standard 6” fixture arm, with an optional 12” arm.  A fixture on the black ceramic frit mask on tempered glass reduces glare. 

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