Wednesday, July 31, 2013

LED Lights for Backyards

People love to beautifully decorate the backyard to make it a stylish place to relax, comfortably. In majority of the cases, the backyard will not be a good place to spend time, but if you are ready to spend a little time, you can change the shabby place to a wonderful ideal outdoor space. You can bring in improvements in a variety of ways, by including simple to complex design or patterns. You can make a change in the overall appearance of your backyard easily and in a cost effective manner.  
Decorating with LED lights, will help you to make an incredible backyard that is more appealing. You can use affordable, durable LED lights or lighting fixtures that can be installed easily, without the help of a technician and this will help you to save money. Since, the LED lights consume only less amount of energy; you can also save on electrical costs. A well lit backyard not only adds beauty to your living space, but also prevents intruders as well as nocturnal animals from getting access to the dark areas. LED lights are capable of illuminating vast places, with less energy consumption. Moreover, you can arrange evening parties in this lovely landscape outside your house.

The LED lights and lighting designs are gaining much popularity and you can find the most appropriate one from the online stores, which can be accessed without leaving the comforts of your home. The GE® Bug Lite is the stylish and economical remedy for almost all the lighting requirements for your backyard. The GE® Bug Lite is eco-friendly as they do not emit any toxic material, during recycling and is safe for plants. They produce considerably less amount of heat and the bulb has a special coating that helps to keep the insects away from the light. They are highly durable and do not contain any fragile parts, which makes it easy to decorate in anyway.

GE Bug Lite bulb

Garden lights and projector lamps are some of the beautifully designed LED models that can be used to make the outdoors special. You can decorate the backyard all by yourself, depending on the spare time and imagination. Different types of GE's outdoor LED area light are available at affordable prices that can be used to give life to your imagination. The LEDs can be bent, twisted or made into any shape, making it easy for you to mount them anywhere. It is very attractive and a perfect way to add style to your garden or backyard in an environment- friendly manner.
The online stores will offer special designs and patterns that can suit your style and imagination, which will make it possible for you to decorate the backyard in the most gorgeous way. You can find a number of unique and eye-catching LED lights in a single click to Green Supply.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The GE’s Evolve™ Cobrahead Fixtures for LED Street Lights

The giant advancement made by the LED manufacturers regarding the light, color, thermal management, fixture durability and cost has made even the state to switch to Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology for street lighting. The continuous research and monitoring of the LED lights have played a significant role in making it a new and cost effective way to light the streets. The data collected during the testing phase has helped the manufacturers to make the most reliable and beneficial LED lighting solutions to the customers. It has also helped the customers to understand the maintenance details, performance level and the customer’s perception about the LED lighting fixtures.

The GE has come forward with an outstanding model that will considerably reduce the energy consumption. The Evolve LED Scalable Cobrahead Street Lighting fixture, a product of GE ecomagination℠, has baged  number of awards for its excellent performance. In 2013 it won the LightFair International Innovation Award category for Parking, Roadway and Area Luminaries and 2012 it was selected as the best in class for roadway lighting in the 2012 Next Generation Luminaires™ (NGL) Competition.

Even though, the LED fixtures cost more than traditional lighting options, the advantages covers the additional costs. The LED lights provide enhanced night visibility due to advanced color rendering. It also offers high durability and the reduced maintenance costs. It is eco-friendly and does not contain any hazardous chemicals like mercury or lead. The increased life span and lower consumption of energy makes it the best in the industry. The LED lights offers higher color temperature and uniform luminosity . The LED lights will not waste time or have re-strike delays as it turns on and off, immediately. It does not harm the nature and make any environmental footprints, even when disposed.

The scalable Cobrahead fixture from GE, has to offer a lot to its users and it includes the advancement in the design of the fixtures, efficiency and light distribution patterns. Replacing the traditional street lamps with the wonderful GE’s Evolve™ Cobrahead fixtures has brought in a dramatic change in the amount spent for maintenance and operational cost. Moreover, it has helped to bring down the energy consumption. The progressive technology has made it possible for the customers to get maximum benefit from the LED lighting system.
As a pilot project, some of the progressive cities have implemented the LED lights in other applications, such as overhead and traffic lights, and the street lighting option. It is found that the cities has made a right move and enhanced the performance of the street lights. Moreover, the meter connects to it records all the necessary data that will help to find out the efficiency. You can find a number of LED outdoor lighting fixtures solutions at an affordable cost from

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lumination™ Linear Suspended LED from GE Lighting-Redefining the In-store Lighting Solutions

A clever lighting can drag attention, and for shops and supermarkets, it is the best way to attract customers. Most of the supermarkets today lacks sufficient day light, and it will adversely affect the business if the customers feel anything unpleasant, when they enters the sales area from outside.  So, it is quite important to provide an ideal lighting that can produce very natural looking light inside the shopping area.

Most of the supermarkets and shops use recessed light fixtures for lighting, and it can serve the purpose to a great extent. The new recessed light fixtures with LED lamps are far superior to the conventional fluorescent or CFL based fixtures. The introduction of the LED technology has brought a wonderful change in the lighting, and now for those who are not satisfied with the performance of these fixtures, GE, the world’s most popular manufacturer of luminaries, has introduced Lumination™ Linear Suspended LED lighting fixture, which can take the supermarket lighting to a new level. It can provide a wonderful product display and an enhanced store ambience that can make the customers happy and enjoying.

The recessed lighting fixtures are normally fixed to the ceiling and can produce enough illumination. However, a light that comes from upside can cause too much shadows, which can considerably reduce the visibility of the products in the lower shelves. The directional nature of the normal recessed lighting add to this scenario and to overcome this situation, we are forced to provide more number of fixtures at short intervals. This can cause over illumination and can have a negative impact on the overall ambiance of the shop. Here, the new Lumination™ Linear Suspended LED from GE Lighting can produce magic with glare free vertical and horizontal lighting.

Lumination™ Linear Suspended is a new launch from GE; and its design is entirely based on a new concept that you can find nowhere else. It is specially designed to provide ideal lighting for supermarkets and numerous similar environments. It is designed to be suspended from the ceiling and can produce an illumination that is perfectly even. Its ultra thin profile helps to provide double asymmetric light distribution, resulting in a glare free three dimensional luminance. It always ensures maximum performance, better control and higher efficiency of the power LEDs in the fixture. Thanks to the Intrinsix™ optical technology, which made possible for it to achieve these unmatched features.

Lumination™ Linear Suspended is considered as the next generation lighting solution, and comprises the cutting edge technologies in the lighting segment. The self enhanced look of the Lumination™ Linear Suspended will make it much more than just a lighting fixture, when illuminated it can provide a splendid new look to the interiors.  It can ensure shadow free shelves and enhance the product appeal by providing very bright light of optimized quality by combining high-power LEDs with Intrinsx lenses. It is very efficient and is the best available lighting solution for supermarkets as it can significantly enhance the in-store environment and thereby improve customer satisfaction.
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Celebrate This July 4, With LED Lights

The Fourth of July is a remarkable day written with golden letters in the history of United States of America. Since we got the independence, every American is celebrating this auspicious day by organizing family events and various types of Patriotic displays throughout the country.  Majority of the people will be busy in decorating their home and office to welcome the propitious day, and now let’s make this Independence Day more memorable by decorating our homes and offices with something that is much greener and eco-friendly. Our search ends up in LEDs, which are the best way to give color to your imagination in a brilliant and cost effective manner.

From the olden days itself, people are decorating their home using the American flag, but now the technology has crossed all the limitations, making it possible for them to become more creative. The splendid collection of LED bulbs will make it possible for the creative minds to design an animated LED flag. We can bring in more attraction to the flag by making a feeling that it sways in the mild wind by animating it with electronic light chasers. With the help of LED lights you can also decorate the poles, so that during the night it will become the center of attraction. We can select the colors that fit best to the decoration in our imagination and make the dream flag a reality.  

A model of the Statue of Liberty decorated with dazzling white LEDs will be another wonderful idea that can really amaze both friends and relatives. The indoors can be decorated with Flowers and will look outstandingly beautiful when they are artistically placed along with LED lights. We can either decorate them in a transparent bowl with LED strips at the bottom or surrounding them with LED lights.  

The courtyard where the activities take place can be well adorned using the wide range of LED’s. We can provide an ornamental decoration to the edges of the buildings using multi-color LED strips and strings. They are very flexible and versatile, making the decoration much simple and fast. The trees can be made eye catching by wrapping them with LED rope lights. The LED’s are so safe that they can be used to decorate both the indoors and outdoors, since there is no risk of fire resulting from short circuit. These devices can be operated at low voltages or even with batteries, making it safe even to children.

With their excellent color and brightness, LED’s can produce a very high visual impact and it is very funny to work with these tiny bulbs. Since, the LED’s are highly robust and have long life; we can use the same collection to decorate the home or office for the upcoming festivals also.

Decorate your home with LED lights from Green Supply.

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