Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reuse your plastic water bottles?

What do we do when we finished drinking water from plastic bottles?

Normally people just throw away the plastic bottles to trash cans or recycle bins. For now, recycling plastic bottles are the best Green options we have. However, there is a better option than recycling the plastic bottle after it has been used once.

the plastic bottles!

Here are a few benefits of reusing the plastic bottles:
~ Save money from buying more water bottles when we can just refill using filtered or tap water.
~ Conserve energy for recycling the plastic bottles to recycled raw materials.
~ Protect the environment by reducing waste.

A easy way to help you and remind you to continue reusing the plastic bottle is by clipping the water bottle to a bottle holder with aluminum carabiner attachment that can be easily attached to your purse, bag, belt, belt loop, bicycle, jacket or anywhere you want to attach the water bottle to.

There are bottle holders with compass or without compass available.

See the bottle holder in action in this YouTube video.

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