Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Paper Bags, Plastic Bags or Bring Your Own Reusable Bags?

The question commonly asked at grocery store checkout counter "Paper or Plastic?" will not be asked by some stores.

Some grocery stores will eliminate or have already eliminated the plastic bag option at checkout. Paper bag option is still available at most of these grocery stores. However, paper bag is still tough on the environment with the use of natural resources (trees and more energy that would generate more greenhouse gas emission) to create the paper bags.

Some grocery stores that have eliminated the plastic bag options are:
Fred Meyer (10 stores in Portland, Oregon to start);
Whole Foods;
Costco (provide neither plastic nor paper bags)

There are many grocery stores that are also looking to eliminate plastic bag options in the future.

What is the best option to pack up your grocery?
Reusable bags!

Green Supply offers a wide selection of foldable reusable bags that fold into either cute animal designs or strawberry pouches, small enough to carry in your pockets.

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