Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No More Regular Incandescent Light Bulb by 2012!

Regular incandescent light bulbs are phasing out by 2012 (for 100-watt incandescent) and by 2014 (for 40-watt incandescent). Some stores and manufacturers have already stopped selling and producing incandescent light bulbs.
On December 2007, U.S. Congress passed an act (Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007) that require all general-purpose light bulbs that produce 310 to 2600 lumens of light to be 30% more energy efficient than regular incandescent bulbs by 2012 to 2014. This is all part of an effort of being Green by being more energy efficient.

What type of light bulbs can be purchased after 2011 if no more incandescent light bulbs?

After 2011, 3 types of light bulbs are still available:

1) CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Light) for general household, industrial and commercial use.
However CFLs contain mercury, highly toxic metal, that gets release as vapor when CFLs are broken. Mercury when inhaled or ingested can cause severe damages to the brain, nervous system and respiratory system.

2) Halogen - commonly used in automotive headlamps, some desk lamps and floodlights. Halogen is not energy efficient and consume as much energy as incandescent light bulbs.

3) LED light bulbs - used for all (general household, industrial and commercial use and automotive headlamps) and are starting to even replace CFLs and halogen due to its Green qualities.

Some of the Green qualities of LED light bulbs are:

  • Energy efficient: consumes 45% less electricity than CFLs and 87% less electricity than halogen and incandescent light bulbs (based on Green Supply LED light bulbs).
  • Non-toxic: Does not contain mercury and other harmful chemicals.
  • Lasts longer, hence less LED light bulbs ending up in the landfill: At least 5 times longer than CFLs and 50 times longer than incandescent.

LED light bulb is the "Greenest" light bulb for now and our future. More information about Green Supply LED light bulbs can be found here:

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