Saturday, June 18, 2011

Choose the right light color LED light bulbs to be used for your home, office or retail store

Color of light source (or color temperature) ranges from warm to cool white measured in the unit of absolute temperature, Kelvin with unit symbol K. Color temperature for light source is based on this visible spectrum radiation temperature range. Light source is red-ish in color at 1,000 Kelvin, white at 5,500 Kelvin, bluish-white at 6,000.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right light color LED light bulbs :

1) Warm white (with K value from 2400 to 3500) is the color of light generated by incandescent light bulbs and are commonly used at home for more relaxing and comfortable environment.

2) For kitchens, warm white (with value of 3500 K) works best to enhance the look of faces and food.

3) For reading (ex. desk lamps), cool white (with value of 5000 K, close to light generated by sun at daylight) provide clean, crisp light ideal for reading.

4) For outdoor and work spaces, cool white (with value of 6500 K) provide good contrast to help distinguish between objects.

Color temperature for Green Supply LED light bulbs is in the range of 2800 - 3500K for warm white and 4500 - 6500K for natural daylight/ cool white.

More information about Green Supply LED light bulbs can be found here:


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