Friday, September 30, 2011

Philips Teams with Estee Lauder to Light Up Breast Cancer Awareness

Every few months while listening to the radio or watching TV I hear “It’s Estee Lauder gift time at (insert department store name here); buy $21.50 (or whatever the pricemark may be at that time) in Estee Lauder products and receive a free gift worth X amount of dollars.” Since no one sees me on a day-to-day basis besides my family – and they love me for the way I look – I don’t wear much makeup. I’m wearing some now, because I had a couple job interviews today. I confess, none are Estee Lauder products. This latest piece of news is changing my mind. Estee Lauder is teaming up with Philips to launch a partnership as part of The Estee Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) Campaign. Now, breast cancer is a personal issue for me. My mother is a survivor. She was undergoing treatment back in 2006 and was unable to come to Phoenix to see the birth of her first grandchild because her doctor said she couldn’t put off the final treatment. She got the final treatment and she packed her wig and her skull caps and she and my dad met their two week old grandson.

The Estee Lauder/Philips partnership will use environmentally-friendly LED lighting technology to wash some prominent landmarks in pink. The companies hope the campaign will raise awareness about breast cancer and the importance of breast health and early detection on a worldwide scale. Women over 40 are encouraged to get an annual mammogram, and those with a history of breast cancer (like me now) should start earlier.

The 2011 BCA Campaign’s Global Landmark Illuminations Initiative marks 12 years of casting light on a disease that, if localized and detected early has a cure rate of over 90 percent. As Philips’ part in the campaign, it is using its power and versatility in LED lighting to illuminate the worldwide landmarks in a more energy-efficient way.

Some of the 200 or so landmarks included in the list include the Philips headquarters in Amsterdam, La Grand Palais in Paris, the air traffic control tower at JFK International Airport and the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

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