Thursday, July 5, 2012

Texas Grocery Store Chain Goes LED

Texas Grocery Store Chain Goes LED
I’ve been AWOL again (seemed appropriate after 4th of July) but my world is pretty much coming to an end – at least here in Phoenix.  It’s been a depressing week, with only the holiday as the first real good thing that’s happened in a while.  After having lost my full time job, our financial life, like many other peoples’,  jumped in the deep end without a lifejacket when it didn’t even know the first thing about how to swim.  So in a few weeks, we’ll likely be pulling up stakes for good.  We have a plan to go visit my hubby’s mother temporarily.  I’ll probably look for a job there, but I’ve got a couple prospects in other states and my hubby’s job can be done from anywhere in the world where there’s an Internet connection.

Since I’ve been AWOL, I haven’t even looked at the site recently – it got a makeover!  I have to say it’s pretty good looking.  Anyway, on to today’s product – and how appropriate is it that the story is out of Texas?

GE is supplying the LED products that Texas-based grocery store chain Brookshire Brothers will be installing in its 72 stores.  Once the lighting upgrade is in place, it will have replaced 32-watt bulbs with GE’s energy-efficient 28-watt T8 tubes in around 450 four-lamp fixtures in each 30,000 square foot building.  Ballasts will also be replaced with GE’s energy-efficient UltraMax electronic ballasts when needed.  Each of these fixtures will create an additional eight-watts-per-fixture savings.  All-in-all, Brookshire Brothers stands to save an average of $3,200 per store, per year in electricity expenses after the switch.  That accounts for over $220,000 of the project’s total savings.

Brookshire Brothers is going all out on the upgrade.  The company has even retrofitted with GE Evolve LED Area Lights lighting in five select parking lots.  In two lots, the 201-watt Area Lights replace 400-watt high-intensity discharge fixtures, while in the other three lots, 1,000-watt HIDs were swapped out for 270-watt Area Lights.  That’s another $14,000 dollars saved per year.  Other outdoor lighting upgrades include Wallighter Luminaires to be mounted to buildings for extra security around entrances and walkways.  Added to that, several locations will also incorporate GE’s Tetra LED Lighting System as a complement to the enhanced exterior appearance of the stores.

Now I can’t wait to shop there!

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