Friday, June 29, 2012

GE LED Lighting Solutions

Brookshire Brothers operates  72 retail supermarkets in the Texas and Louisiana area. The company have recently launched a lighting upgrade in their establishments, including their exterior signages and refrigerated case fixtures. One of the technologies used is GE  LED lighting solutions. Their mission is to reduce their annual operating cost, while establishing  energy and lighting efficiency. 

GE Evolve™ LED Area Lights were installed in some of the supermarkets’ parking lots and company headquarters that provided high-quality white illumination to the said spaces. Brookshire Brothers will be able to save more than $14,000 every year in electricity costs. Maintenance  time and expense will also be diminished. GE Tetra® LED Lighting Systems were also incorporated to several locations that complemented the exterior appearance of the stores. Reduced maintenance, long service life, and up to 80 percent of energy will be saved. Also, wine displays in two stores were lit using GE’s energy smart® LED Replacement Lamps that are ideal for applications wherein narrow and focused beam spread is preferred.

The company has been getting very positive comments because of the changes made by the new LED technology that they are now using. Nevertheless, the store directors were also impressed. They are now planning to use GE’s LED lighting solutions to more of their convenience store locations.

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