Thursday, February 21, 2013

Where are my books? Oh there it is!

One way or another, we are all guilty of placing too much stuff on our bookshelves or shelves. In fact, even on our tables. Things that shouldn't even be there produces so much clutter ruining any design of an interior.

Here's something to help you find your things and at the same time contribute to the interior design of a house.

These quirky LED lighted shelves are a great addition of color to a plain room or better yet, to a child's room.

If this isn't available, you can certainly customize your own shelves by adding LED rope lights or strip lights to the edges or undersides of a shelf like this:

See how it adds a lovely color and depth to the shelves. Aside from just being decor, adding LED lights will help you find books or other things you place on the shelves especially if it's a dark corner.

Start designing your shelves with LED Lights from Green Supply.

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