Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lumination™ Linear Suspended LED from GE Lighting-Redefining the In-store Lighting Solutions

A clever lighting can drag attention, and for shops and supermarkets, it is the best way to attract customers. Most of the supermarkets today lacks sufficient day light, and it will adversely affect the business if the customers feel anything unpleasant, when they enters the sales area from outside.  So, it is quite important to provide an ideal lighting that can produce very natural looking light inside the shopping area.

Most of the supermarkets and shops use recessed light fixtures for lighting, and it can serve the purpose to a great extent. The new recessed light fixtures with LED lamps are far superior to the conventional fluorescent or CFL based fixtures. The introduction of the LED technology has brought a wonderful change in the lighting, and now for those who are not satisfied with the performance of these fixtures, GE, the world’s most popular manufacturer of luminaries, has introduced Lumination™ Linear Suspended LED lighting fixture, which can take the supermarket lighting to a new level. It can provide a wonderful product display and an enhanced store ambience that can make the customers happy and enjoying.

The recessed lighting fixtures are normally fixed to the ceiling and can produce enough illumination. However, a light that comes from upside can cause too much shadows, which can considerably reduce the visibility of the products in the lower shelves. The directional nature of the normal recessed lighting add to this scenario and to overcome this situation, we are forced to provide more number of fixtures at short intervals. This can cause over illumination and can have a negative impact on the overall ambiance of the shop. Here, the new Lumination™ Linear Suspended LED from GE Lighting can produce magic with glare free vertical and horizontal lighting.

Lumination™ Linear Suspended is a new launch from GE; and its design is entirely based on a new concept that you can find nowhere else. It is specially designed to provide ideal lighting for supermarkets and numerous similar environments. It is designed to be suspended from the ceiling and can produce an illumination that is perfectly even. Its ultra thin profile helps to provide double asymmetric light distribution, resulting in a glare free three dimensional luminance. It always ensures maximum performance, better control and higher efficiency of the power LEDs in the fixture. Thanks to the Intrinsix™ optical technology, which made possible for it to achieve these unmatched features.

Lumination™ Linear Suspended is considered as the next generation lighting solution, and comprises the cutting edge technologies in the lighting segment. The self enhanced look of the Lumination™ Linear Suspended will make it much more than just a lighting fixture, when illuminated it can provide a splendid new look to the interiors.  It can ensure shadow free shelves and enhance the product appeal by providing very bright light of optimized quality by combining high-power LEDs with Intrinsx lenses. It is very efficient and is the best available lighting solution for supermarkets as it can significantly enhance the in-store environment and thereby improve customer satisfaction.
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