Sunday, July 28, 2013

The GE’s Evolve™ Cobrahead Fixtures for LED Street Lights

The giant advancement made by the LED manufacturers regarding the light, color, thermal management, fixture durability and cost has made even the state to switch to Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology for street lighting. The continuous research and monitoring of the LED lights have played a significant role in making it a new and cost effective way to light the streets. The data collected during the testing phase has helped the manufacturers to make the most reliable and beneficial LED lighting solutions to the customers. It has also helped the customers to understand the maintenance details, performance level and the customer’s perception about the LED lighting fixtures.

The GE has come forward with an outstanding model that will considerably reduce the energy consumption. The Evolve LED Scalable Cobrahead Street Lighting fixture, a product of GE ecomagination℠, has baged  number of awards for its excellent performance. In 2013 it won the LightFair International Innovation Award category for Parking, Roadway and Area Luminaries and 2012 it was selected as the best in class for roadway lighting in the 2012 Next Generation Luminaires™ (NGL) Competition.

Even though, the LED fixtures cost more than traditional lighting options, the advantages covers the additional costs. The LED lights provide enhanced night visibility due to advanced color rendering. It also offers high durability and the reduced maintenance costs. It is eco-friendly and does not contain any hazardous chemicals like mercury or lead. The increased life span and lower consumption of energy makes it the best in the industry. The LED lights offers higher color temperature and uniform luminosity . The LED lights will not waste time or have re-strike delays as it turns on and off, immediately. It does not harm the nature and make any environmental footprints, even when disposed.

The scalable Cobrahead fixture from GE, has to offer a lot to its users and it includes the advancement in the design of the fixtures, efficiency and light distribution patterns. Replacing the traditional street lamps with the wonderful GE’s Evolve™ Cobrahead fixtures has brought in a dramatic change in the amount spent for maintenance and operational cost. Moreover, it has helped to bring down the energy consumption. The progressive technology has made it possible for the customers to get maximum benefit from the LED lighting system.
As a pilot project, some of the progressive cities have implemented the LED lights in other applications, such as overhead and traffic lights, and the street lighting option. It is found that the cities has made a right move and enhanced the performance of the street lights. Moreover, the meter connects to it records all the necessary data that will help to find out the efficiency. You can find a number of LED outdoor lighting fixtures solutions at an affordable cost from

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