Wednesday, September 25, 2013

GE Evolve™ LED Decasphere Area Light – The Ideal Solution for Outdoor Lighting

The LED manufacturer giant, GE has added one more product to its energy efficient LED line up – the GE Evolve™ LED Decasphere area light, which uses the unique reflective optic design. The use of reflective optic design enables the light to be aimed, where it is wanted or can be used as per the discretion of the user.  The GE Evolve™ LED Decasphere area light also delivers horizontal and vertical light uniformity. Moreover, the reduced glare and enhanced lighting control, makes it perfect to illuminate the walkways, parking areas and roadways. The unique design consists of nested concentric directional reflectors to maximize the output of light, thereby increasing the light efficiency and minimizing the glare.

Within this short period, the Decasphere area light has evolved as the number one choice of many users and has found a place in the University campuses, municipalities, small towns, and cities. The beautiful flat housing design, round shape and die-cast aluminum housing base gives it a different look from the traditional models and provides an aesthetic look to the product. The company claims a 50,000-hour life span, i.e... It works for 11 years when utilized for 12 hours per day. It can also be used for general lighting purposes as it gives reduced offsite visibility and excellent illuminance in the lighted area.

GE Evolve™ LED Decasphere Area Light 

The long life and low maintenance cost are the other advantages of using LED Decasphere area light for illumination purposes. The System rating is L85 and is compliant with the material restriction requirements of RoHS. It has a 6-inch mounting arm or 2-3/8” External Slipfitter, which is available in a variety of standard colors, including black, grey, and dark bronze.  The corrosion resistant polyester powder painted finish when coupled with custom colors, gives a good and different look to the product. It is integrated with an internal surge protection system that guarantees long life and protection of the Decasphere area light. The only drawback is that it does not support the dimming feature. It also comes with photoelectric sensors.

The product is so reliable that the company itself offers a trouble free working for 5 years and L85 lumen for 50,000 hours. The lightweight design and the powder coating finish, makes it suitable for outdoor uses, and ensures that it can function properly, producing white light even in the wet weather. It has high brightness LEDs with a 65 color-rendering index at 4, 100K typical color temperature.

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