Monday, September 23, 2013

The GE Infusion LED- the future friendly LED Luminaries

A great lighting is a prime requirement of every retail and hospitality establishments, as it can greatly influence the customer experience.  Spotlights have significant importance in such environments and here the GE, the world leader in LED lighting technology, has revealed GE Infusion LED Module, an outstanding product that can meet all the requirements of these commercial establishments.  It is a game changing platform and is designed to address all the setbacks of conventional spotlights.

The unmatched features of GE Infusion LED include:

Future proof design:
GE Infusion LED offers the user energy efficiency, controllability and unmatched long life. In addition to these wonderful features, it can address obsolescence- one of the main setbacks of earlier LED luminaries. In the earlier designs, there was no chance for an upgrade other than just replacing the entire lighting fixture. GE Infusion LED module’s design enables the user to upgrade their luminaries to the new generations of LEDs as they evolve in the market, without replacing the entire light fixture. It is designed as a three-piece module that can be assembled with a simple twist and lock action, making it easy to be fixed, removed or upgraded without much effort and hardware. This will enable the user to be up-to-date with the lighting technology without wasting much money on renovation.

GE Infusion LED

Extensive Lumen packages:
For the Infusion LED module, GE offers a wide range of packages with lumen ranging from 850 to 4700 to meet the requirements of a wide variety of customers. With suitable optics, it can be used as narrow punch beam angles or as powerful recessed down lighting.

Unmatched light quality:
The high quality LED chips in the Infusion LED is capable of producing light of incredible intensity and color quality. It is available in three different color temperature options, 2700K, 3000K and 4000K and its color rendering index ranges to Ra > 90. In addition, it offers a very stable color-rendering index across all color ratings. The stackable design of GE Infusion LED always ensures easy integration with heat sinks, which improves thermal performance and an enhanced color consistence even after continuous use for a prolonged period.

Wide variety of options:
It is available in four modules such as M1000, M1500, M2000 and M3000 with wattage ranging 15W, 23W, 30W, 46W consecutively. It produces no IR or UV radiation and can give an extended long life up to 50,000 Hours. It is dimmable and can be operated with a constant current DC source and a wide range of compatible drivers is available on the market.

Wide applications:
The GE Infusion modules can be used at variety of places for a variety of applications. Its versatile design ensures easy adoption in new luminaries for recessed down lighting and track lighting. The uses of these wonderful devices are many, and with suitable optics, it can be used for fashion retail display lighting, museum and gallery lighting, accent lighting in supermarkets or bar and restaurant lighting.  And it is sure that this device will maximize the visual appeal of any commercial environments to a great extent. To know more details about this product and make a purchase, visit 

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