Monday, August 19, 2013

Enjoy the Intelligent Color of iColor Flex LMX from Philips

People love to decorate their home in a rich and aesthetic vision to create a sense of drama for viewers. Majority of the people love to give life to their imagination in an enchanting way, and will be happy to do it all by themselves. The LEDs are the most preferred lighting system that are highly flexible and can be made into any desired shape to give dynamic lighting effects. You can find a lot of products that can serve your purpose and the iColor Flex LMX from Philips is an outstanding option to give you a contemporary lighting solution, which incorporates all the industry leading controls and have multiple lens options.

iColor Flex LMX from Philips are high-intensity, full-color LED strand nodes that are flexible and capable of giving better-quality long distance viewing. It is highly versatile, and can be installed into any fixture regardless of the shape or size of the fixture. Each strand of the iColor Flex LMX consists of 50 independently addressable LED nodes, which can be shortened to fit into any fixture or structure and ensures that it can support virtually any lighting or design. Each node is capable of producing an output of up to 6.56 candelas. In addition to the standard cable length, custom lengths of 5 to 72 nodes are also available.

The iColor Flex LMX strands are so flexible that they can be directly mounted to almost anything. The detachable feature of the leader cables makes it possible for you to install the strings at desired positions. It can be used in installation for complex geometries as the single nodes can be positioned individually and the straight linear runs can be used for optional mounting. You can get a clean and finished look by using the snap-on spacers that can hide the cabling and mounting hardware between the nodes.

iColor Flex LMX from Philips

It is well suited for outdoor decoration as it is fully sealed and IP66-rated. The designers are much impressed with the working of this LED lighting system as they were able to overcome many technical, environmental, and physical limitations on their design, which was not possible if they were using the traditional LED strands. The Philips iColor Flex LMX is able to survive even the harsh weather conditions.

The installation of iColor Flex LMX is very easy and can be used in wide range of two-dimensional and three dimensional configurations. Before installing, you must have a clear idea of how to install it, number of strands and how to position the LEDs. The lens can be easily cleaned using water, mild detergent and a soft cloth. It is not advised to use chemicals that contain ammonia or sodium hydroxide. There are a lot of special features and you can find more about this wonderful product, get it at an affordable rate from 

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