Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Philips EnduraLED – An Ideal Choice

The technology has changed and the world is looking forward for green solutions. This has made the electronics giant Philips to launch an A19 Ambient dimmable LED Light Bulb, dubbed EnduraLED, which has so many unique qualities that other LED bulbs lacks.

Factors that make the Philips A19 EnduraLED bulb distinct are as listed below:

Efficiency: Efficiency will be the prime concern, when you opt to buy a lighting solution. The EnduraLED bulb is able to produce the same brightness as of a standard 60-Watt incandescent bulb whilst consumes only one-fifth of the power used by the incandescent bulb. When the EnduraLED compared to CFL, it consumes much less power to produce the same brightness. This increased efficiency has led to the high demand of this LED bulb in the market.

Functional Design: The Company describes the design as futuristic and high-tech design. The function of the bulb greatly influences its design. It is designed in such a way, that it provides a wide diffusion angle and improved durability by decreasing heat build-up.

Philips EnduraLED

Quality of light: Apart from the yellowish light output, it does not produce any color distortion and has a color rendering index rating of 80. You can combine different color spectrums by mixing the whitish light produced by CFL and the EnduraLED. This amazing product from Philips is a perfect alternative for the houses using the incandescent bulbs.

Brightness: The output brightness is approximately equal to the output of a standard 60-Watt incandescent bulb, i.e.… 800 lumens. All the users of the Philips A19 EnduraLED bulb are much satisfied by the brightness of the bulb as only a very few number of bulbs are able to follow the company’s claim, when it comes to the case of output.

Dimming: This bulb also has excellent dimming capability and when used with a dimmer, it dims to about 20% of the full output. It gives the same output when used with both mechanical and electronic dimmers, but most of the users opt to go with electronic dimmers.

Eco-friendly: Unlike CFL bulbs, the EnduraLED bulb does not contain mercury, lead or any hazardous chemicals that are harmful to both humans and nature. It does not cause much harm even it accidentally drops to the ground, as it does not contain any risky metals. Moreover, it does not produce any heat and remains cool, even used for long time.

Durable: The manufacturers officially rate the EnduraLED bulb for 25,000 hours of a continuous use, i.e.3 years of constant use (approx).  The high life expectancy and affordable pricing has made it a hot topic in the market.

Places of use: This bulb is specially designed to be used in the indoors or residences.

Of course, the Philips A19 EnduraLED bulb, will be a great option to buy and you can know more details about the price, availability and shipping from 

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