Thursday, August 15, 2013

GE Creates the First Smart Omni-directional LED A19 Light Bulbs

The innovation in the field of LED technology has made the people to replace the traditional lighting and switch to high-quality, long-lasting LED-based general lighting. The high performance and the energy saving has greatly influenced the residential as well as commercial business owners to rethink about the lighting solutions they need. The traditional bulbs disperse light only in one direction i.e. forward direction. The LED manufacturer giant, GE has launched the first smart Omni-directional LED A19 bulbs to solve this problem.
Specifications of the bulb
The first Omni-directional LED bulb has many salient features that has made it so popular. The unique design and the features of the bulb, makes it possible to project the light in the downward direction.   A GE Omni-directional LED A19 9W bulb can serve you for a long period of time and is backed by a 10 year warranty. It can serve the purpose of 60W incandescent light and can cut down the energy cost. It remains cool when compared to incandescent bulbs and the color is pure white. The metallic heat sink attached to the arm of the bulb dissipated the heat produced and keeps the bulb cool, even if used for continuous hours. The bulb consists of an opaque glass top.

It can produce 450 lumens and can be operated at 120V, 0.08A, 9W.  It weighs about 4.20 oz.
As per the expert’s opinion, this bulb is well suited for all types of lighting needs and Omni-directional features makes it the number one choice to be used in challenging location. The bulb can produce white color light, without any delay and have even light distribution. There is no much disadvantage in using this bulb, when compared to the benefits. One of the main reasons that make people re-thinks of using this new generation energy efficient bulb is the cost. It is bit costly, when compared to other LED bulbs. Even though, the company does not mention whether the bulb incorporates the dimming feature, it works well in the dimming sockets.
The magnificent shape, unique design and cool features are sure to win the heart of the users. The bulb can produce instant brightness and is the best replacement for the traditional bulbs that are bulky and cost you heavily in the energy consumption.   The shades can be a best pair for the heat sink arms. The people who have used this wonderful product are much impressed with its high quality performance and the savings they have made. You can see that the bulb will deliver more light in less Wattage, when compared to similar products.
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