Monday, October 29, 2012

LED Lights – A New Method of Art Preservation?

The next time you visit a museum, don’t just look at the art on the wall, look at the ceilings too. That is if you ever drop by Indiana University’s Art Museum. The museum houses several original oil paintings done by IU Professor, Barry Gealt himself.

Instead of the usual glare and unwanted light effects we usually see in museums, Rob Shakespeare, who created the Light Totem placed in front of the museum, used his theater and lighting expertise in creating a smarter lighter system using LED Lights for Barry Gealt’s art exhibit.

Visitors viewing Barry Gealt's Art Exhibit lighted by LED Light Bulbs

As Shakespeare would describe it, incandescent lights give off an “apricot soup” effect. According to Shakespeare, LED lights, aside from helping conserve energy, are also able to preserve the artwork itself. The infrared rays produced by incandescent lights can destroy the pigments of the artwork thus ruining the piece.

The LED lights are expected to last 50,000 hours thereby decreasing the need to change it every now and then. Furthermore, the lights produce a more natural lighting allowing the artwork to show and express its true colors.

Who’d have thought that LED lights could do such things? If you were amazed, then it’s about time you change your lights too. Check out LED bulbs here

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