Thursday, October 11, 2012

War Memorial now uses LED Lights

When visiting War Memorial next time for a Crunch game, Disney on Ice, or any other else, I bet you’ll notice a big difference. Thanks to the new LED lights that have been installed! The LED lights helped make the arena seem to look newer. Aside from being able to help the environment, county money will be saved. The LED lights consume less energy up to 90% compared to the old lights that they use.

Some of the interesting features of the new lighting system are the abilities  to turn it on and off, then on again in an instant, being able to dim it, and being able to control each light using an iPad since there’s an antenna on each of the fixture.

It is also expected to get savings from the building’s cooling system since the new LED lights won’t melt the ice at all unlike the old lights did that consumed  more energy in keeping the ice cold.

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