Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Buckyball: The New LED Star of Madison Square Park

Dogs being walked by dog owners, joggers running around and couples making out are the usual scenes in a park. If you’re tired of the usual scenery around parks, then feast your eyes on the new star of Madison Quare Park, Leo Villareal’s sculpture which he has given the name Buckyball.

A Buckyball is a spherical molecule but now is not the time to get geeky. The sculpture is made up of 180 color changing LED tubes which make it a sight to behold for many park visitors. Visitors have even claimed that the 30-foot tall sculpture is actually calming.

The Buckyball

But of course, Leo Villareal built it with a purpose. It’s not just a piece that will gather ooh’s and aah’s from people. It was meant to trigger the brain’s neurological processes and by the reaction and responses of visitors, it looks like it’s working. Pretty amazing huh? It was accompanied by sci-fi music on its opening night but even without music, the sculpture is a sight to behold. The sculpture will be on display until February 2013.

You too can build your own sculpture using LED Tubes. It may not be as marvelous as Villareal’s sculpture but who knows what you can come up with?

More info and images here.

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