Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Breakthrough to LED Lights Technology: Wi-Fi Controlled LED Light Bulbs

This smart kit combines energy saving, a well-known quality of LED lights, with convenience making you aware of your electricity bills in advance by letting you keep track of its usage. And if you think this is going to be a complicated installation full of wires, think again. Of course the company had convenience in mind which is why it will only take a few minutes to install. Install the LED lights as you would ordinary lights and then just connect the adapter to your router and voila, you have technology at its finest. Another advantage? It’s all in your hands. You can either control it using the mobile app or the remote that comes with it. The kit costs $200 and contains 4 bulbs.

Hold your horses before you head out to the store. Greenwave Reality will be selling them not directly to consumers but to lighting companies. Just wait for your turn to get it at a reduced price. 

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