Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Freerunning + LED Lights - A Whole Lot of Awesomeness

LED Lights have always been cool. The fact that these lights come in different shapes and sizes and that it consumes less energy than traditional incandescent lights makes it so awesome and not to mention, so green. Mix it up with some freerunning or otherwise known as parkour and you have the complete definition of coolness.

Team Farang members Jason Paul, Shaun Wood and Anan Anwar or otherwise known as the Light Emitting Dudes ran (jumped, tumbled, rolled etc.) through the streets of Bangkok visible only through the use of LED lights. The fast-paced video was taken and directed by Frank Sauer.

Imagine some colored dudes suddenly running and whooshing past you. These dudes just made the streets of Bangkok even more vibrant, colorful and interesting.

It makes people aware of both the sport and LED lights which are both not yet fully recognized by a lot of people.

Complete news here. Video uploaded by Team Farang.
You too can be cool with LED lights. Start using them now!

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