Wednesday, December 5, 2012

In the Empire State of Lights

Something's new in New York. Could it be a new restaurant? Or maybe just another one of those signature clothing shops but no it isn't. Clue: It's so noticeable and it's tall! Yes, you've got it right. The iconic Empire State Building has unveiled its new LED lights just in time for Christmas.

The new LED lights of the Empire State Building boasts of several different special effects like ripples, waves, strobes and many more which is so unlike the old LED lights that only showed ten colors.

Alicia Keys sang her all time theme for New York, "The Empire State of Mind" while the lights were being unveiled to the public for the first time. 

Anthony Malkin and his family who control the iconic skyscraper, beamed with delight as he proudly said that it was well received by a lot of the locals and even those from other places like New Jersey because it was clearly seen from the area as well.

The building was interesting before and it became even more eye-catching. Bet next election would really be a blast as it will again show the tally of votes just as it did with Obama and Romney.

Full news and image here.

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