Saturday, December 15, 2012

Making San Francisco Bay Bridge Glow like a Star

When we think of San Francisco, an iconic bridge pops into our mind. The iconic San Francisco Bay Bridge has long been providing about 270,000 vehicles everyday to and from the bridge. Marking its 75th Anniversary, the bridge will be made into a star and will glow even brighter during evenings using 25,000 LED Lights.

Though the grand unveiling of the lights will take place in March next year, Ben Davis, chairman of Illuminate the Arts, the group who's in charge of the project is very excited to talk about the lights.

Leo Villareal, the lighting designer, famous for his lighting designs of museums and the Burning Man, will take charge of the lights.

The Bay Lights will not be completely finished and is estimated to take two years for completion but Davis and his group are very enthusiastic about it and has even showed what the Bay Bridge will look like with 25,000 LED lights glowing brightly along the span of the bridge.

News here Video courtesy of YouTube.

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