Saturday, December 15, 2012

Partying and Clubbing the Cool LED Way

No matter what the occasional, people always have this urge to stand out in a crowd. When you go clubbing, you don't have to wait anymore for men or women to come to you because this time, you are the one who will be calling out for their attention with LED light-up skirts and tube tops.

The Senorita LED mini skirt and the Maria LED boob tube are sold separately but each piece comes with their own set of lights in colors of red, green, blue and white. And if you still think you're being ignored, the LED lights can go party mode too with effects such as static, strobe, flashing and graded.

The LED lights on these two pieces of clothes are said to last for eight hours long, all set for partying all night.

So the next time you think you are being taken for granted in a club, don't just sit and sulk in that corner. Turn the lights on and party harder and we mean that literally.

Full news and video here.

Party it up and celebrate the New year with LED lights.

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