Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Groovy Kind of Light

Remember the good old 70's when everything was just so groovy and people were just carefree. The trend back then was colorful and if you're missing those groovy old days, you can easily get yourself back in that era through psychedelic and colorful interiors.

A Psychedelic Interior by Karim Rashid

But now, you have more means to even customize ad personalize your interior through the use of colorful and energy saving LED Lights. LED Lights were still in the process of being perfected back then. This would be something the people from the 70's would be dying to exchange their mood rings and lava lamps for.

Sorry Lava Lamps, LED Lights win this round.

And combined with modern furniture and creative designers, you'll finally be able to go back to the beloved 70's. You'll finally be able to say "I got my groove back". A big thanks to LED Lights.

What LED Lights can do.
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Images from:
Karim Rashid

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