Wednesday, January 30, 2013

LED Lights, You're the One

The bathroom, though often the smallest room in the house, is one of the most commonly used areas in a house. It is here where we scrub ourselves squeaky clean, dump our troubles and piss away the worries of life. No pun intended there.

The bathroom has also become a place of relaxation when we immerse our tired and aging young bodies in a nice warm bath filled with bubbles. With that, let us not ignore the importance of creating a relaxing and unique environment in this very much ignored area.

And if you truly want a different experience while you're bathing, why not try using LED lights in your bathroom?

The Rainbow Experience
Adding a subtle glow to your bathroom won't hurt the eyes
And they said water was colorless.
And if all this is just too much for you to handle, let's go back to being simple. 

Still, it would just be so cool to bathe in brightly colored waters.

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