Saturday, January 5, 2013

Internet Connected LED Lights - Hurrah for Technology!

As we progress to another year, our technology just gets better and better. The invention of smart phones have taken over the world and computers are barely and rarely needed anymore.

With this in mind, internet connected LED lights are being pursued and seen as a major attraction by many investors in the lighting industry. LED lights has many perks. One of those is that it is able to generate more light, less heat thus enabling it to produce lower energy costs.

If this idea pushes through, it will even make the LED light more convenient. Users can turn the lights on and off, dim or brighten it and even control it when they're not at home to scare off burglars. All this can be controlled using the internet on the computer or any smart phone that has access to internet.

Though far from being popular in the lighting industry, it's still pretty cool to think that this will soon take over the traditional incandescent bulbs. Maybe a world without light switches would make the world a better place.

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