Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why you Should Stop Trying to be the Next Da Vinci

That blank space on the wall seems huge and really is plain. Should you just put a Van Gogh painting there? Wait! Here's a better idea! Why not just make a painting yourself and proudly hang it up on that wall for everyone to admire. This may have been the best idea you ever had and you deserve a pat on the back. NOT!

Come on, this is the age of technology. While admiring creative artwork or sometimes unleashing that hidden talent (which should remain hidden forever if you know what's good for you). So while you are busy crying your heart out on why you can't paint like Da Vinci, here's something worth checking out.

TA-DAH! Presenting the LED Light Wall Art.

Consists of a Glass panel and LED Lighting producing beautiful wall art.


See, it's even better than wallpapers because this one lights up. Still thinking of becoming the next Michel Angelo just so you can cover up that bare wall? Bet you threw away your brushes and canvas upon seeing this.

Get your supply of LED Lights for your walls here.

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