Thursday, June 7, 2012

GE Energy Smart® LED

Over the years, GE Lighting has aimed  to deliver innovative solutions that will change the way people light their world. As we all know, the U.S. Congress passed an act (Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007) last December 2007, requiring all general-purpose bulbs (producing 310 to 2600 lumens of light) to be 30% more energy efficient than the regular incandescent bulbs by this year up to 2014. Among  other lighting companies, GE has also developed a number of LED light bulbs that will help us save energy and the environment. One of them is their Energy Smart® LED line (earned an ENERGY STAR® rating)  that is energy efficient with a 22.8-year life when used 3 hours a day for rated life. It offers bright, long lasting, energy-efficient light and delivers significant energy savings compared to traditional incandescent technology. Their omni-directional LED light bulb, a 9-watt LED bulb designed to replace a standard 40-watt incandescent bulb, is just one of the many types of LED bulbs that GE offers. What’s amazing is that, it is the world’s first omnidirectional LED replacement bulb. It has a 25,000-hour rated life, and 10-year limited warranty. It also instantly lits on, doesn’t contain mercury,RoHS compliant, produces clean and bright color (3000K), and one can get $85 in energy savings over life of the bulb. The future of lighting indeed begins today with GE LED light bulbs.

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