Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Philips LED Chip is Smaller Than Traditional LED

New Philips LED Chip is Smaller Than Traditional LED

It’s summertime in Arizona.  And I have no fan in the room I’m writing this, so I want to be quick.  Today (June 7) is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, so I’m looking forward to celebrating after this entry is complete.

It is also the day that Philips introduced its newest – the LUXEON Z.  The new addition to the Lumileds line of LED bulbs is being billed as the industry’s smallest power LED with highest lumen density.  It’s 80% smaller than a traditional power LED at just 2.2 square millimeters.  It offers a high lumen output across a full spectrum of colors from 440-670 nanometers (including white) to make it the industry’s highest commercially available lumen density.

The LUXEON Z will also allow for integrated approaches that break with current paradigms in luminaire development.  It whizzes past the constraints of a typical 2x2 multi-chip package to provide designers the ability to create specialty 2x2, 3x2, and even 6x1 mono- or multi-color displays.  Added to it is the ability to mount up to 250 of the high-lumen LUXEON Z products in one square-inch to achieve a whole new look and lumen density.

By simplifying developments of products such as wall-washers, moving-head entertainment spotlights and remote phosphor applications, the LUXEON Z also gives engineers in the architectural, entertainment and specialty lighting arenas a modular approach to product development.  Also, the non-encapsulated chips are more readily adaptable to custom optics – eliminating the need for complex and inefficient secondary lenses.

Philips expects the full line of semi-custom optics will be available in the near future.

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