Friday, June 15, 2012

‘No Dot’ About It!

GE’s new LED lens technology has inspired retailers to make the switch. Retailers have been relying on halogen and CMH technologies to maintain the color and light integrity of their merchandise, but a patent-pending GE LED lens has made the retailers view LEDs in a whole new light! The new GE Visual Comfort Lens™ diffuses an ultra-efficient LED tecnhology in such a way that it eliminates the light dots or spots often seen when using LEDs in lighting merchandise. It also brings out the bold and vivid colors of merchandise. Thus, creating a stronger customer experience.It is really important to have a great color quality of lighting so that the appearance of the products will be enhanced. Lighting shouldn’t also compete with the merchandise for the customer’s attention. GE’s LED Retail PAR38 and PAR30 both offer great color that greatly enhances red tones (sometimes muted under other light sources), and hide bright spots. A 50,000-hour rated life outlasts other lighting tecnology. What more can you ask for?

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