Friday, June 1, 2012

Philips EnduraLED T8 Tubes

The future in lighting has arrived! A simple way to make current spaces more sustainable is to use EnduraLED T8 Tube lamps. It fits into your current linear fixtures, and provides comparable light level to your current linear fluorescent systems.  It offers 100% light output even in cold temperatures. Thus, making it ideal for applications like multi-deck coolers, walk-in coolers, parking garages, universities, and many other locations that are striving in reducing their carbon footprints. It’s indeed a smart decision to use such amazing LED technology. 

As enumerated in  Philips’ website, here are the General and Special Applications of EnduraLED T8 lamps:

General Application (GA) Lamps 

EnduraLED T8 Specifier Series are the perfect solution for:
• Wall washing or any application where light needs to be better directed
• Cold applications where high light levels and instant light are needed
• Buildings that aim to be mercury free such as healthcare facilities and universities

Special Application (SA) Lamps

EnduraLED T8 SA Series lamps are:
• Specifically engineered for multi-deck coolers in retail applications
• Optimized for light uniformity and targeted merchandise illumination
• Easy and mercury-free retro-fit for retailers desiring energy savings and maintenance cost reduction

Do you want to know more about the advantages of T8 Tube LED lamps over fluorescent lamps? Click here:

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