Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fireflies: An Inspiration for Budget Friendly LED Lights

What if ten million fireflies did light up your world? Impossible as it may seem but South Korean scientists are coming up with something similar. We have all heard of scientists and inventors studying the behaviour or anatomy of different plants and animals and actually coming up with something. Those things actually become something that we use in everyday life. If you really want to know, the birds for example, are the inspiration of the Wright Brothers’ airplane invention.

Firefly's Light Structure on the left.

Fireflies are one of the most beautiful insects that light up those dark, lonely nights and they are now helping us live a better world with friendly glows of LED lights. South Korean scientists got up close and personal with these glowing insects to study the structure of their lighting. To us it may seem that fireflies have glowing butts but to those scientists, they were able to study and invent a budget-friendly LED light by mimicking the firefly’s light structure.

Talk about taking science to the next level. Not only did they manage to come up with a pocket-friendly LED Light but they are studying on how to further increase the glow of the lights. So, the next time you see fireflies in your backyard, thank them, because they have proved to be a useful tool in creating LED Lights.
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