Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tacoma Zoolights, 25 Years and still Glowing

Lighting up trees and surroundings has always been a tradition in many towns and cities. In Tacoma, the Zoolights of point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium have already been included in their tradition. The place glows and shines with about 500,000 lights all around.
Adding the final touches to the tree.

It’s a yearly event that attracts millions of people around the country and even tourists from different countries. The Zoolights started in 1987 and began to use LED lights in 2003 to save more. To the many people of Tacoma, the Zoolights is not only an attraction but something more meaningful. It is where couples have met, dated and created their future. Some have even been visiting the event since they were little up to now that they have a family of their own.
The Zoolights has quite a wonderful history eventually coming up with more and more ideas as the event got older. One of the highlights is the orange and purple octopus who stands 100 feet high. It’s been brought back in from the year 1988.
For many living in the region, the Zoolights have already become a part of their lives and would not feel Christmas without it.
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