Friday, November 2, 2012

A Light of Hope

What would the world look like if everything was dark? No one will ever know since no one will be able to see anything at all. Not all places in the world are blessed with light. In some rural parts of India, there are those who suffer from electricity deprivation.

To finally put an end to darkness, India’s government has planned on providing LED lights to those who crave for light. The government’s goal is to light up all rural areas that are electricity deprived by 2017.

They have decided that LED Lights are definitely better than CFL’s being 80% more energy efficient than ordinary CFL.

The government’s aim is not only to provide light for these people but to also provide solar powered electricity that can power other electrical devices. It is still undecided whether they will provide it individually or as a whole for the entire village.

The program is quite ambitious but let us hope that they will be able to push through with this project in hopes of providing better life for the deprived.

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