Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lady Liberty Shines her Beacon Again

The Statue of Liberty, a powerful figure, a reminder of the friendship between France and USA and the symbol of freedom. It has always greeted visitors upon entering the city of New York. She stands on her own island, Liberty, watching over New York. Yet, the island has been badly damaged by the super storm Sandy and has been closed to visitors since October 29.

Liberty's lighted crown and torch

But Lady Liberty is strong and has once again shone her light on the city of New York just a week after the storm. LED lights were used to light her crown and torch. 30 million dollars were spent to fix the damages on the island and on Liberty herself.

Although the lights are temporary, it’s a stepping stone to fixing the damages left by Sandy the hurricane. Lady Liberty is not only the symbol of freedom but also a symbol of hope for those recovering from the damages inflicted by Sandy on New Yorkers. 

Full news here.

Shine your Lights this Christmas.

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