Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Walking in the Lighted Wonderland

Japan, the land of cherry blossoms and all things “kawaii” or cute, has once again come up with something for their locals and tourists alike. The Nabana no Sato botanical garden located in Nagashima has lit up like a fairy wonderland filled with fireflies.

The garden even has a mini replica of the famous Mt. Fuji also covered in LED lights. Every year, Nabana no Sato covers the garden with lights in preparation for the upcoming holidays. The event starts on November and lasts up to March so visitors can still get a glimpse even if the holidays are over.
For this year’s holidays, the theme is nature, truly fitting for the use of LED lights that not only saves energy and money but is also good for the environment.

Every inch of the garden is covered with LED lights and any visitor will feel as if they have stepped into the world of lights and enchantment.

News here.

Start decorating your house for the holidays with LED lights!

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