Wednesday, May 30, 2012

LED: There’s an App for That!

LED:  There’s an App for That!

I had a hard time recently with an update/re-syncing of my phone.  The updates didn’t take all the way and when the phone was done updating what it could, the next time it turned on it froze at the HTC boot up screen.  So my day included a visit to an AT&T “device service center” inside the AT&T store in the mall.  It was determined that, even after a “factory reset”, my phone needed to be replaced.  

If you’ve ever done a factory reset on a device – of any kind – you know that with that reset you lose all of your data not saved to a removable data source like an SD, SIM or other memory card.  After I got my phone home, I hooked up to my WiFi and re-downloading all my apps and games.  Many of my favorite ones were found in the free section, so I went there first.

As I was scrolling through, I noticed there was an app called “Tiny Flashlight + LED”.  When I first got my (original) phone back in March, I reported on the fact that the phone has an LED inside it.  Which means, I guess, that my surprise at finding such an app shouldn’t have occurred.  My surprise should be in the fact that there are dozens of apps related to LEDs.  Most of them are “flashlights” but some are part of games and apps.

I have to take a look around and see just which one(s) I am going to install!

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